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Tile Effect Carpet Tiles

Remland Carpets offers the most extensive selection of tile carpets in the UK. 

All of the top brands are covered, including Forbo, STS, Interface, JHS, and many more.  We have cut piles, looped piles, and combinations of both, as well as dozens of different patterns to choose from that have different colors in the same tile. 

The prices are more than competitive; the top brands listed above can be purchased at near-clearance prices regularly.

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Why Choose Tile Carpets?

Below are a few of the top brands available at Remland Carpets:
  • Forbo manufactures sensible, low cost flooring that fits into modern decor.  The company has a reputation as one of the most reliable carpet manufacturers in the world--both in terms of visual quality and durability--so we always keep our shelves stocked with a selection of Forbo’s tile flooring.  Forbo creates Teviot.
  • STS is a well-known flooring distributor, venerated for their wide selection of practical flooring solutions.  We stock several different ranges of STS floors, including the Croydon Impact range, an international best-seller.
  • JHS is a specialist in creating high-quality loop piles that come in hundreds of styles and colors. Their Triumph range is among the most versatile we have in stock.
  • Burmatex manufactures the Academy range of flooring, an eclectic selection of dozens of colours made to furnish both homes and businesses.
Unparalleled Selection
Our selection of tile carpets is such that there are more than 50 pages of tiles to choose from, each of which contain more than 20 choices. 

Within these selections there are multiple colour and pattern variations that expand the possibilities exponentially.  For your convenience we’ve provided filters and sorting tools to narrow the search. 

Above the grid where the selection thumbnails are located you can find a drop-down menu for sorting that allows you to list items according to price and alphabetically.  This is a simple method for sorting; for more complex searches, view the filters tab on the left side of the screen.  There you will find the selections broken into three categories: colour, style, and range. 

You will notice that selecting “tile” under the style category shows all the 1,200+ flooring selections that fall under tile.  Changing any of the style selections with enter into a new category, but most flooring options come in the form of tiles. 

The range category is where you can find your favorite flooring types.  Most of the top companies manufacture a selection of ranges, so selecting from among them is to select between aesthetic intent rather than different companies.
Keep an eye out for our “Star Buy” and “Featured Product” listings.  Star buys are the flooring selections that receive consistent five-star ratings, those that are considered favorites of previous buyers.  Featured products are those that are high-end floors that have been marked to near-clearance level prices, near or more than 50% off
Take advantage of our generous prices and fair shipping rates by ordering samples online or by visiting us in person.  For tile flooring, we offer fast, free delivery for orders over £49!