Flotex Vision

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35% OFF - The superb Flotex Vision range offers an infinite number of design options ranging from abstracts with an intricate colour spectrum to realistic images of natural materials. Nature can be brought indoors by creating a pebble beach or a field of clover and even 3D designs can be produced creating stunning effects on the floor. These designs are part of the vast HD digital collection and will help you create a truly unique floor space.

This super stain resistant and highly durable flooring is available here in a 2m wide sheet. For those concerned with asthma or allergies Flotex has been approved by the British Allergy Foundation. Don't forget the fantastic 20 year manufacturers guarantee. Please note that these high quality made to order designs can take slightly longer to reach you (up to 7/8 weeks) and a minimum order of 6m2 (3m x 2m) applies. Check out our Flotex clearance section for the latest Vision baragains.

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2.00 metres
metres   (min. 3 metres)
Offer Price: £36.99 / m2


£56.99 / m2
£36.99 / m2
2.00 metres
Product ID:
730005   Amazon
010036   American Oak
520025   Aqua
000509   Autumn Leaves
620012   Blossom Blueberry
700002   Bluestone
840001   Botanical Magnolia
730002   Breeze
000537   Bubbles
000458   Buttons
520001   Candy
710001   Chevron
000426   Chromatic
000348   Cobblestone
520021   Concrete
010017   Cork Amber
000534   Corks
610012   Crush 12
520019   Crush 19
520010   Denim
000434   Energy
890001   Facet
50001   Field
660001   Firework
010015   Flagstone
670002   Floret Camellia
670005   Floret Iris
000560   Football
730006   Fossil
010053   Golden Oak
520004   Grape
000369   Grass
000428   Illusion
520011   Jet
630001   Journeys
000533   Keyboard
000547   Keyboard Black
000536   Knit
000535   Lace
00543   Large Chevron
000542   Large Full Stop
000545   Large Matrix
000546   Large ring pull
000544   Large Spectrum
000548   Large Tension
700005   Lichen 05
000538   Multifloral
700003   Nutmeg
000758   Pavilion Denim
000756   Pavilion Titanium
000510   Pebbles
000539   Pencils
000410   Pink Floral
590024   Plaid Sorbet
880001   Pyramid
000532   Red Leaves
000368   Riverbed
700008   Rock
700007   Seagrass
700001   Shadow
000430   Shamrock
700004   Sherbet
650007   Silhouette Mocha
730001   Solar
700006   Spring
720007   Tangent
520015   Toffee
730004   Tropicana
540001   Vector Blueberry
000422   Vertigo
000450   Woodchip
000402   Zebra


Taking Care of you Flotex

When vacuuming, set the brush adjustment to the lowest setting, push forward at normal speed and pull back at half speed. This gives the brush time to sweep out any fluff etc that may have been pushed between the fibres.

Wet Cleaning
Flotex benefits from the occasional wet clean. This can be carried out with a machine such as Vax or hot-water extraction machine. The detergent supplied with these machines is suitable for use on Flotex. However, it should only be used in a very weak solution. Mopping or wiping is not recommended as this only cleans the tips of the pile.

For full cleaning information, please click here.


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