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Brushed & Oiled Wood & Laminate Flooring

How do you get your visitors to believe your floors are newly renovated and maintained? You install brushed and oiled wood or laminate flooring you find at Remland!

And who knew wood and laminate floors have different finish techniques? Don’t keep using the same outdated finishes. Brushed and oiled wood & laminate floors have been popular for decades. Let’s explore why many of Remland’s clients love these floors.
Remland has many brushed and oiled products, as well as many other flooring options and designs—with installation & maintenance accessories—you may need. Explore our website and you can imagine how our floors will look superb in your home.

For modern and classic decorating, the brushed and oiled products are excellent options.

The Brushed and Oiled Technique

The beauty of these floors lies with how the look is achieved.

A thin layer of a specialised oil is applied onto the wooden planks by means of a brushing motion. Hence the name.
This gives the wooden planks an intense grainy appearance. The oil gives the planks a matte appearance.

The no shine appearance further enhances the idea of the planks being cut directly from a tree. And here’s another benefit: Because there is no shine the planks are easier to maintain. You don’t need to keep polishing the floors to keep them looking like new.

Your Many Options
But how do you select the right product? You’ll be forgiven for finding it difficult to pick. There are so many that will match your décor. So take your time in deciding:
  • Take the Silver Grey Stained planks from Furlongs if you need durability. The 18mm thick planks carry a warranty of 20 years. They’re even made from sustainably sourced timber, so your natural look won’t have a negative impact on the environment.
  • What about Emperor Oak which is perfect for rustic décor designs? With a 25 year guarantee you now you’re investing in your home!
  • Wood can even add colour if you install Furlongs Oak Cognac Distressed planks. The red-brown undertones will be striking, but will fit with most décor.

Which hue attracts your attention the most? Trust your instinct and pick something you’ll love forever!

Why You Should Pick Remland
Don’t be daunted by the huge task of installing new floors. Remland Carpets will make it as easy as possible from start to finish:
  • Our showroom and free samples will help you pick the perfect product
  • Our low prices will help you keep to your budget, thanks to our team sourcing products directly from the best UK and international brands
  • Our free delivery (for purchases above £49) makes it effortless and affordable to get your project started

Are you ready to add the ultimate classic look to your spaces? This brushed and oiled look is luxurious enough for your office and classic enough for your home. Where will you use it? Place your Remland order today!