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Lacquered Wood & Laminate Flooring

Are you ready to add lustre and durability to your home in one swift action? That’s what you get when you pick lacquered wood and laminate flooring.

And Remland can give you the widest range and the best prices possible. Your flooring woes have just been solved! Which of these products do you want?
Did you find what you’re looking for yet? Here’s why you have to consider these for your home.

How Does One Floor Provide So Many Solutions?

The impressive results you’ll get from your lacquered wood and laminate flooring comes from the manufacturing process.

Lacquer is different than simply oiling or treating the wood and planks. Lacquer doesn’t seep in. Lacquer stays on the surface of the stunning wooden boards and seals the surface. Now the wood grain you love will always look striking.

Why? Because the dried lacquer forms a strong protective layer between the plank and whatever comes close to it. You’ll see less proof of wear, tear, scuffs and scrapes. All because you picked the right type of flooring!

Now that you’ve settled on a product, what design do you want?

At Remland we pride ourselves in offering clients a wide range of products. That’s what makes clients come back. You’ll find all your flooring and accessory needs in one place.

It’s no different when picking lacquered wood and laminate flooring:
  • We stock many colours so you’ll find the perfect hue to match your furniture.
  • There are different types of wood and grains so you can select one you really love. Certain designs can make your rooms seem bigger.
  • Create a unified look or use planks that clearly show their edges to add some character to a room.

Which style do you prefer?

Features You’ll Love
Thanks to the expert manufacturing done by our suppliers your lacquered wood and laminate flooring will have these characteristics:
  • Long guarantee periods of up to 25 years.
  • Most planks are suitable to use with underfloor heating.
  • Most boards can easily be installed yourself thanks to the Easiloc fitting features. Simply click them together. Some don’t even require adhesive which minimises your expenses. That’s another reason to consider lacquered wood and laminate products. You’ll save time & money during installation.
  • Some products have UV layers. Now your floors are protected against physical and sun damage.
  • Boards are sold in different sized packs. Find one that has enough to cover your space, without forcing you to waste time and products.

Do you see the wide variety of options you enjoy at Remland? If you can’t decide, come and visit our showroom in Kent where our friendly, trained staff can help you.

And don’t forget about our Clearance options. If you favourite lacquered flooring features in our clearance department, you can get it for up to 50% below its usual selling price.

Have you placed your order? If it exceeds £49 we will deliver it free of charge. Remland helps customers find easy solutions to enjoy quality flooring. How can we help you today?