Hand Scraped Wood & Laminate Flooring

Make anyone believe you have real wooden floors. It’s quite simple with hand scraped wood and laminate flooring.

We are happy to offer you a great selection of hand scraped flooring. All collections at Remland Carpets come from manufacturers who have vast knowledge about wooden flooring. This knowledge benefits you because they produce the finest floors for you.

You can explore these amazing collections right here on Remland’s website. Your ideal flooring option may be waiting for you!

What is Hand Scraped Wood and Laminate Flooring?

To appreciate this unique product, you must learn how this design is created. In addition it makes for excellent conversation when guests ask about your new floors.

It’s a common technique of using a draw knife to scrape a plank into smoothness. The woodworker places the draw knife at the opposite end of the plank and pulls it towards him or herself. This removes any shavings so the floors are even.

At the end of the process scrape marks remain which resemble pure wood floors and they give the floors striking character.

One major advantage of this technique is it hides any minor impurities which can occur years after the floors have been installed. These include:

  • Minor scratches
  • Dents from dropped items


Can you see why this is a wise option and an aesthetic masterpiece?


Hand Scraped Floors: A Perfect Pick for Your Home

What makes these floors an ideal candidate for your next home renovation?

Pick them if you want floors that are:

  • Durable and can be installed in homes where a lot of activity takes place
  • Effortless to maintain without the need for heavy solutions
  • Unique in looks because of how they were distressed


Your home or office will look better than ever!

Why Shop at Remland?
Our Suppliers

We put a lot of faith into our suppliers to make the best hand scraped floors you deserve. Our well trusted suppliers of these floors include Woodpecker. This company is backed with years of industry experience and constantly strive to better itself.

The quality brands manufacture:


  • Floors that have a genuine look of real wood.
  • Floor planks reaching a thickness of up to 18mm. This thickness results in the greater durability your home deserves.
  • Floors with a lifespan of up to 25 years.


The floors are easy to install so it’s the ideal DIY option!

You already save if you install these floors yourself. But Remland offers more ways of saving:


  • Affordable pricing
  • Special offers throughout the year
  • Free delivery* for qualifying online orders.


Shopping Made Easy
When you're ready to make a purchase you can do so in two ways which have their own advantages:


  • In store you can see and feel the floors
  • Online gives you greater saving benefits


Remember to pick hand scraped floors from Remland to give your home a clean and classic look. And shopping for them here is easy and affordable. Have you placed your order yet?