Osmo: The Helping Hand in Laminate Floor Care

How do you know you get the right products? Floor maintenance requires expertise right? Wood finishes must meet the needs of the individual wood planks. Osmo has spent years researching the different combinations of ingredients which protect and make wooden planks stronger.

The cleaning products will rejuvenate the look of the wood. They’re also effective in removing hard stains such as fat.

The cleaning products are easy to use with either a mop or a cloth. The coverage areas are almost doubled making you clean more floors with each purchase.

The cleaning products don’t emit a harsh smell, so they’re practical to use at any time. And you won’t dread that next cleaning.

The Advantages of Osmo’s Products

Osmo has 100 years of experience working with wood. From this they have gained the knowledge to manufacture the best products that help you with floor maintenance. When you use these products you prolong the durability of the wooden planks. Because you’re extending the lifespan of your floors, these products help you save in the long run.

Remland proudly offers these products to you as a valued client, because we know they’ll offer these advantages.
High Coverage
Are you tired of having a wood finish or cleaner that doesn’t even last a small to medium size room? Do you have to stop midway and get a new can because you’ve run out?

A Osmo product allows you to achieve double the square meter coverage compared to other items on the market. This saves you time—you don’t need to continuously pause and dip—and money.

No Sanding
If ever you need to apply a new coat you simply add another layer on top. Osmo saves you time and money again because you don't need to sand off the previous coats of finish. It’s so easy!
Natural Ingredients
Osmo is environmentally friendly. All ingredients are derived from natural oils which are safe for the floors and your health.

Although the pigments are inorganic they’re still harvested from natural ores. They’re cleaned and refined until purified & a pure mineral element remains.

Most of the products are FSC© certified and approved.

When you coat your floors with the wood finish they remain microporous. This leaves the surface to have small pores which absorb and release water without any damage. The surface can breathe and becomes anti-static which prevents the attraction of dust & dirt.

It’s encouraging to know companies make it their missions to help us maintain our floors. Backed with 100 years of experience you can trust that Osmo offers the best products to achieve ultimate floor care. Get your Osmo product from Remland today!