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    Bamboo Flooring

    Due to it's sturdiness and durability, bamboo is a popular choice of material for flooring. Bamboo is used for everything from bridges and scaffolding to luxurious bed linen so it's strength and versatility speaks for itself. 

    Our Bamboo flooring is available in two varieties, laminated solid strips or strand-woven bamboo fibres. This ECO friendly flooring is available here on special offer with fast delivery.

    Bamboo - A Sustainable Flooring Choice

    Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials you’ll ever come across. Once mature, bamboo is cut for use and a new harvest replenishes in just five years. Although strictly speaking bamboo is not a wood, it's a family of grass that forms its own unique grain pattern, it can be worked into extremely hardwearing floorboards, with the natural look and qualities of hardwood.

    Woodpecker Bamboo Flooring
    Remland Carpets have a selection of Bamboo Flooring available from top brand - Woodpecker. With a range of colours, our bamboo wooden floors are sure to suit all of our customers, a contemporary Whitewash Strand, subtle colours of a Natural Strip trough to classic Saddle and Coffee Strands.

    Order online with Remland Carpets for the best online prices and fast, free*, delivery.

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