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    Herringbone Carpets

    A lot of carpet designs can be a bit plain, which makes can make it a bit boring to the eyes. However, with herringbone carpets, you’ve got products that call upon a unique and exciting pattern to really stand out and add character to the room. If you’re looking for a high-quality herringbone carpet, then you’re certainly in the right place. We stock some stunning designs that’ll definitely meet your requirements. The great thing about the herringbone pattern is that it can be slightly altered to create a different look. You’re sure to find the perfect herringbone style for your home in our large collection.

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    Herringbone Carpets Brands

    Our collection of herringbone carpets come from very respected and reliable brands. These include Alternative Flooring, Carefree Carpet Collection, Crown Floors and Lano to name a few.

    We even stock some cheap herringbone carpets as part of our Remland Clearance range, along with our own Remland Remnants collection. Every single carpet we sell is made in Britain and comes with a quality promise. You don’t just get carpets that are pretty in their design, but you get ones that are designed to be durable and easy for you to maintain.

    Hard Wearing & Stain Resistant Herringbone Carpets For Sale

    The thickness of our herringbone carpet collection is incredibly impressive. While some products vary in thickness, they’re all thick enough to be very hard wearing. This means that they take a long time to wear down, even if there’s a lot of foot traffic every day or heavy furniture bearing down on them. They stay in excellent condition, and the herringbone pattern continues to look beautiful.

    Furthermore, you have the benefit of stain resistant herringbone carpets as well. Accidents happen, which means it’s almost impossible to avoid spilling things on your carpet. In a lot of cases, this means the floor is stained permanently, and you have to pay for professional cleaning services. But, with these carpets, they’re stain resistant and very easy for you to clean by yourself!

    Unique Herringbone Carpets

    This style of flooring certainly adds character to whatever room it’s in. It suits a variety of different places in the home, thanks to the simplicity of the herringbone pattern. They add a touch of class to your living room, make the perfect hallway flooring option, or add a unique style to a dining area. There are plenty of colours you can choose from to make this carpet even better suited to your interior design.

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