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    Bathroom LVT

    For a truly elegant touch in your bathroom, consider the unparalleled appeal of luxury vinyl tiles. These tiles aren't just waterproof and equipped with anti-slip features; they're a statement of sophistication and luxury for any bathroom. Nowadays, bathroom LVT stands out as the preferred option, celebrated for its long-lasting durability and premium finishes.

    Our collection of bathroom vinyl floor tiles boasts a wide range of colours and patterns, offering exceptional authenticity. Whether you're drawn to the cool undertones of grey and black stone or the warm, earthy notes of rustic, traditional wood flooring, our extensive selection guarantees something for every taste. Committed to delivering exceptional value, we take pride in offering these high-quality tiles at the most competitive prices available.

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    Benefits of Bathroom LVT

    The advantages of installing bathroom LVT are substantial. Given that bathrooms frequently encounter water, it's crucial to choose flooring that can resist moisture. Not only does bathroom LVT provide this essential feature, but it also comes without the hefty price tag associated with solid wood flooring or other hard flooring options. Boasting a waterproof top layer, bathroom LVT ensures that spills simply can't seep through. Beyond its practicality, it offers the comfort of warmth underfoot, the reliability of durability, and the ease of maintenance. Offering excellent value for money, it's no surprise that bathroom LVT and our other vinyl flooring options have rapidly become some of our top-selling products. Many options in our range even include a 20-year warranty, reiterating their long-lasting nature.


    Anti-Slip Bathroom LVT

    The likelihood of encountering spillages from the bath, shower, or sink in a bathroom is high, underscoring the need for a flooring solution that promises safety for the entire family. Our selection of bathroom LVT flooring includes options with R10 certified slip resistance, offering you the assurance of having not just luxurious but also practical floor tiles underfoot. The presence of an anti-slip layer means that our LVT flooring is a prudent choice for families and older individuals alike.


    Comfort from your Bathroom Floor Vinyl Tiles

    A bathroom is not only a space of necessity but a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. Elevate your bathroom's comfort with LVT - a flooring option that provides a luxurious underfoot experience. Departing from the coldness often associated with solid stone tiles, our sophisticated multi-layered bathroom vinyl tiles retain heat, contributing to warmer, more inviting room conditions. Their thickness and cushioned design not only add a touch of luxury but ensure an exceptionally comfortable and flexible feel.


    Bathroom LVT Flooring Styles 

    Our extensive range of bathroom LVT flooring encompasses a myriad of authentic designs, including wood and stone effects that can seamlessly complement your home's interior. We take pride in offering one of the UK's broadest selections of bathroom LVT, curated from leading brands like Lifestyle Floors and Allura. Whether your preference leans towards the traditional or the contemporary, our collection is sure to meet every stylistic need.

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