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    Cut Pile Carpet Tiles

    Remland Carpets offers one of the most extensive selections of cut style carpet tiles in the UK and at prices that will make any remodeling or new carpet job possible. 

    The cut pile, also called ‘plush’ is a staple of modern textiles.  It is good for non-slip flooring, and the even surfaces provide a great canvas for varied colours and designs.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our cut pile flooring, offering top brands like Burmatex and Interface.

    What are Cut Pile Carpet Tiles?

    Cut pile carpets are those that have the loops at the top that have been cut to create a flat surface.  The even top layer of cut carpet makes it perfect for intermediate patterns.  Most consider cut pile carpets to have a softer feel underfoot than loop pile; as a result, cut piles are generally more applicable to residential use than loop piles, which lean toward resilience. 

    Cut piles are typically made of nylon, though the material may also be comprised of polyester, wool, or a composite of synthetic ingredients.
    Finding your Cut Pile
    The pricing of this listing for cut pile carpets is different than most our other selections; instead the cost per square meter found on most of our other pages, these tiles are sold by the box.  A box is usually sixteen tiles.  In total, there are sixty-five selections to choose from. 

    Once you click on a thumbnail, you will find that many of the pages have multiple colour options on each.  The pages can contain anywhere from a few to over a dozen colour options, extending the possible choices exponentially.

    Our Cut Pile Range

    Amoung the many choices, there are a few top brands that are responsible for the bulk of our cut pile inventory.  We are able to offer the lowest prices in the UK for the top brands.  Below are a few examples:

    • Burmatex manufactures Origin, a 100%% solution-dried nylon floor made for any space.   Origin’s low cost per tile and adaptability makes it ideal for residential, office, or industrial spaces.
    • Polichrome by Interface is noted for its durable Graphlex backing.  Graphlex is a high-performance textile backing made from carbon polymer.  It has four layers of enhanced protection.  According to Interface’s official documentation, Polichrome floors are above the standard for IAQ protocols for Green Label Plus, and they’ve undergone Interface’s Reclaimable Reentry Program, which promotes sustainability.
    • Forbo has a couple of selections under their Westbond Colour label.  The lower price-per-box doesn’t equate to a lower quality product.  Westbond is a velour-style carpet spun from dense yarn, creating a soft underfoot feel that can make every room feel like a high-end lounge. 

    Ordering with Remland

    Order from Remland Carpets now
    Check the listed thumbnails for information on how to order samples of your carpet selections up close, or visit our store in person to view the entire catalogue seen online. 

    When you spend over the qualifiying spend level on any of our cut pile carpets, Remland Carpets will deliver directly to your door for free.

    International delivery is also available, simply contact us for a quote at -

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