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    Cut Pile Carpets

    Cut pile carpets are one of the most popular carpet styles at the moment, featuring an aesthetically interesting pile construction which you’ll be happy to have anywhere in your home. Although there are various styles of cut pile carpets, they’re all made by broadly the same procedure; by cutting the loops of a traditional berber loop carpet or other looped styles, manufacturers can produce individual piles that stand up, instead of looping back around to connect to the backing. This creates a much softer carpet as a result of the ends of individual fibres being revealed. One of the best examples of a cut pile carpet style is out deep pile saxony carpets, known for their fluffy and soft feel. Depending on the style you go for, you don’t have to sacrifice any hardwearing properties either! Frieze carpets have the best of both worlds, giving a soft underfoot feel of a cut pile carpet whilst maintaining the durability of a denser twist pile carpet

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    With fast delivery in the UK and a wide range of high quality cut pile carpets to choose from, there’s no reason you can’t get your hands on one of our carpets today. We only stock our range from the best manufacturers in the UK and around the world to make sure you only get the best cut pile carpets delivered to your door.

    Benefits of Cut Pile Carpets

    The benefits of cut pile carpets are clear to see; they can create a decadent look and feel in any home, and fulfill all of the functional requirements you’d expect from a new carpet. Due to their construction, various styles and materials on offer and broad colour selection, cut pile carpets are ideal for almost any room, in any home.

    Versatile Cut Pile Carpet Styles

    There are multiple styles of cut pile carpets on offer made in a variety of materials, which makes them some of the most versatile on the market. Super soft yarns, wool mixes and nylon cut pile carpets are all available in our range, all of which have different textures and aesthetics to fit your project. Ranging from super soft and luxurious all the way to compact and hardwearing, cut pile carpets are perfect for residential and commercial properties alike. Make sure you read about each individual product to see what spaces they suit best!

    Cut Pile Carpets Are Easy To Clean

    A lot of homeowners worry that maintaining and cleaning cut pile carpets is going to be a pain, but thankfully, this isn’t the case. The best way to keep your cut pile carpets looking like new is to regularly vacuum, making sure you use an extension that cleans all the way through the pile to clean dust and dirt that naturally accumulates over time. 

    Luxurious Feel For Any Home

    We can’t understate the comfort you’ll feel when walking on your new cut pile carpet - there’s nothing quite like the exceptionally soft underfoot feel you get when you get out of bed in the morning, or not having to worry about cold feet going through the living room! Cut pile carpets can actually help keep your entire space warm too - carpets can help to trap heat and act as an insulator, keeping the general temperature in your room at a nice level.

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