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    Crown Floors by Balta

    Crown Floors make beautiful carpets easy, with this collection of luxurious and stylish carpets that are wonderfully easy to look after. Whether you choose perfectly coordinated stripe or luxurious supersoft saxony, you can be confident that your carpet will stay looking good for a long time. This Easy Care collection means exactly that, a carpet that is easy to look after and keep looking fabulous - on special offer with Free* Delivery to the UK Mainland.

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    Crown Floors

    Trusting a well-known brand is wise. That’s why we stock this range. But what exactly do you get from the Crown Floors products?


    Exceptional to look at

    Aesthetics is everything, right? You want your carpet to leave people in awe. With simply one correct element you can transform your entire room. If that element is a Crown Floors carpet, you’re doing it right:

    • Crown Floors picks hues that will complement your décor. The classic colours such as London Clay and Colonian Copper easily match with most furniture, curtains and finishes.
    • The thick piles will have your carpet present as thick and luxurious as it feels. Try out the Satin Soft comfort carpets for the ultimate in comfort.
    • The range’s items are designed to complement each other too. Add dimension and character to a room by matching a Taupe Ribbon design with a Gull Grey backdrop.


    Crown Floors products give you all the elements you need to create beauty in indoor spaces.


    Other benefits

    But what about the long term effects?


    Easy To Maintain

    Crown Floors’ next focus is on giving you practical solutions. These stunning carpets come with easy maintenance features resulting in two benefits:

    • You’ll spend less time and money on maintenance
    • Your carpets will last longer and stay in pristine condition the whole time


    How does a carpet help you get this right?


    Crown Floors carpets have many features you probably thought isn’t possible with carpets:

    • The carpets are durable thanks to the yarn design. A two-ply yarn is more resilient than others.
    • Ever heard of bleach cleanable fibres? That’s what you get with Crown Floors. Now your stains can disappear instead of spending money on replacing the carpet.
    • Fibres are designed to clean easy. Crown Floors advises the following:
      • Vacuum twice a week. This also helps fibres recover from pressure placed on them.
      • Professional cleaning is only needed once in two years.
      • Blot stains instead of rubbing them. Treat them as soon as possible for the best results.


    Now you have a practical and a beautiful flooring solution. And it will fit your budget.


    Affordable To Own

    It already seems too good to be true, right? What about getting quality and beauty at an affordable price? That’s what you get at Remland.


    Because we source direct from manufacturers, our prices stay low.


    The Crown Floors range meets many requirements the modern home owner—or office manager—has. Which feature are you most impressed with? Now place your order to get the best prices and make a Crown Floors carpet your own. Which one did you pick?

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