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    Cord Carpets

    Cord carpets are an attractive flooring option that can really update your home. There’s a simple beauty to this type of carpet; it typically features plain single colour designs, but with a textured finish. The result is something that looks great, feels terrific underfoot, and really complements different parts of the home.

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    Cord Carpets - The Perfect Flooring Option For Busy Rooms

    Some rooms in your home are busier than others, which means there will be plenty of foot traffic. Your living room, bedroom, and dining room are all excellent places for a quality cord carpet. Due to the design, this type of carpet comes with extra thickness and durability. We sell heavy duty cord carpets that are made to withstand a lot of traffic and maintain their natural shape.

    While we believe this flooring type looks great in most rooms, you definitely see the full benefits in these high-traffic areas. So, if you’re sick and tired of staring at beaten and worn flooring in your busiest rooms, then opt for a beautiful cord carpet instead.

    Cord Carpets From Brands You Trust

    One of the reasons our cord carpets are so durable and long-lasting is that they’re supplied by highly sought after brands. We sell carpets from manufacturers you can trust, so there’s never any question over the quality. At Remland, you can choose some excellent designs from some of our amazing brands such as JHS and Clearance Supacord

    It pays to opt for a brand that’s well established and trusted in this industry. In doing so, you know that you’re spending money on a product that will look fantastic and be amazingly functional!

    The Benefits Of Buying Cord Carpets From Us

    We can boast the very best cord carpets for sale because we know what makes an excellent carpet product. With decades of experience in this sector, we understand what our customers look for when choosing their flooring.

    As such, the cord carpets we sell are highly durable and stain resistant. They have excellent thickness too, which is what helps them withstand so much foot traffic. The benefit of all of this is that they last for a very long time. They won’t suffer damage from people trampling over them, and one or two spillages won’t completely ruin them. In essence, you’re buying something that’s a great investment as you can get so much use out of it!

    Our website offers a range of cheap cord carpet options. You get the premium feel without the monstrous price tag - it’s the perfect combination.

    Order Your Cord Carpets Today!

    Take a look at all of the different cord carpet designs on our website. We stock numerous colours that will add something extra to your interior design. These carpets work best in busy areas like your living room, dining room, or bedroom. But, they could also be used as a cord rug on some hardwood floor, or a runner for your stairs. There’s a versatility to cord carpets that makes them so wonderful! Order yours today to create a beautiful new look and feel in your house.

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