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    Aluminium Door Threshold Strips

    We have lots of Aluminium Door Threshold Strips to choose from. Choose either a silver or gold finish to suit your home decor, these high quality bars come in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs. We have some very special online discount prices on all our door bars and door thresholds with most in stock and available for express dispatch.


    Remland Carpets matches high quality accessories with our quality flooring options. Our aluminium door bars can be used anywhere, but mostly applies to carpet installations.

    Which of These Do You Need Today?

    Picking out flooring accessories is similar to adding the final touches to your outfit. You need to consider two things:

    • Will it complement the whole?
    • Is it functional?

    Now gauge which one of these will work for you. 


    Gold Door Bars

    Gold turns ordinary accessories into stylish décor features. But be careful where you use it:

    • It must match other items such as door handles
    • Make sure it complements your flooring’s design

    If the hues in the room are more reserved, it’s best to opt for silver.

    Silver Door Bars

    Silver easily matches with most colours. This makes it budget friendly too. The bars may last for years while flooring sometimes wears down. You can replace the flooring and your silver aluminium door bars will look great with the new design.

    Palette Door Bars

    Lifestyle Floors have now introuduced something different to the market. Door bars which come in 16 different colours. From Black to Green, there is something for everyone. 



    What is the layout of your room? This is where you must decide on the most practical option.

    Flat Bars

    If you’re simply decorating one room, this is usually the accessory you need.The sides are flat so it can rest flush against another surface such as vinyl or hard concrete that doesn’t require a door bar.

    Double Bar

    A double bar with its teeth allows grip on both sides. This is how you finish off two adjoining carpets.

    Tip: Make sure the two surfaces are of exact equal height. 

    Z-Bar - Silver 

    Once again you have two sides:

    • One that allows grip on your carpet
    • The other will lie against and over the start of a different type of flooring such as wood floors

    This is one the most popular door bar options.

    Most of these items are available in 900mm lengths. This fits in most normal doorways. When you pick the right door bar the transition area will be smooth. This is important to prevent tripping accidents around the home or office.

    Benefits of Aluminium

    Remland Carpets always gives you high quality products. That’s why you can use our aluminium door bars for heavy duty usage in high traffic areas.

    And of course aesthetics matter. These bars have professional finishes to enhance your room’s look.

    But why else do we urge you to pick aluminium door bars?

    • It’s more durable than other bars
    • It’s non-toxic
    • Aluminium can be recycled
    • You won’t have to deal with corrosion

    Remember: You get the best prices when you shop online. That’s how Remland makes it easy to save on flooring projects. Did you place your order yet?

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