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    Black Carpet Tiles

    Do you want your home to stay effortlessly contemporary? One colour that stays in fashion all the time is black. Our black carpet tiles will transform your home or office and keep them modern.
    The range of carpet tiles available at Remland Carpets has all the qualities you are looking for matched with style. Simply start browsing and you’ll realise your answer lies here.

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    Why choose Carpet Tiles?

    Why do You Need Black Carpet Tiles?
    Empower yourself by starting your interior decorating with the perfect floor. And floors must always serve a variety of purposes
    Here’s why black flooring is your solution.
    They’re Practical
    Black carpets don’t show marks easily. This is the perfect way to let your rooms look exceptional for a long time.
    And when you invest in black carpet tiles you find at Remland you’re guaranteed quality products. Many ranges are stain resistant which makes cleaning easy.
    And don’t forget about the insulating feature of most carpets. Your space can feel warm and welcoming simply by picking carpets.
    They’re Excellent for Interior Decorating
    Matched with practical features you’ll find black carpet tiles give momentum to your interior decorating. Almost any style, pattern or décor fits with black. So if you want to prevent a space looking too busy a plain black floor is your answer.
    Of course there is a range of patterned black carpets too. If you want your floor to be a focal point in your room these carpets will help you achieve that.
    Industrial or Commercial Purposes
    Are you planning on decorating commercial spaces? Then you’re in the right place.
    Black carpet tiles of the high quality you find at Remland will look exceptional for a long time. Many products are made for heavy duty use in high traffic areas.
    Keeping Black in Top Condition
    So you’re concerned your black carpet tiles will deteriorate over time? Your carpet won’t show scuff marks easily but lint and other particles will show.
    All you need to do is vacuum clean regularly and use a rubber glove. Lint sticks to rubber so it will be easy to keep your rooms looking as good as new.

    Why choose Remland Carpets?

    Match Practical Flooring with Practical Shopping at Remland
    Are you ready to install your black carpet tiles?
    Remland wants to help you with the entire process. That’s why we offer you everything you need:

    Brands at Remland
    Do you know which carpet you want to install yet?
    We can send you samples of products to help you decide!
    Here are some of the brands we love:

    • Burmatex has the Tivoli range. You’ll find striped carpet tiles to give your rooms character and you’ll love the 10 year manufacturers guarantee.
    • Flotex’s Penang range offers you guarantees of up to 20 years and some carpets are even approved by the British Allergy Foundation.

    Can you see how black carpet tiles can give you all the solutions you need? Remland will deliver fast so you can start your room’s transformation. Start ordering your flooring today!

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