Cheap Vinyl Flooring

Consider all your options or you may miss out on the best solution to your flooring requirements. Remland Carpets offers you and exceptional range of quality cheap vinyl flooring.

Cheap doesn't mean low in quality. We only offer products of the highest quality. The warrantees on our vinyl flooring sale range serve as one proof of this promise. Take a look at the stunning designs of high quality flooring you can acquire at low prices.

Cheap Vinyl

Cheap vinyl flooring makes practical and financial sense. The best is you don’t have to sacrifice on quality!


Can you imagine your new flooring yet? Don’t settle for mediocre designs. Your dream in terms of aesthetics and price can become reality much easier than you think.


What is Remland’s Cheap Vinyl Flooring Range?

Remland knows the different requirements our valued customers have. Our different ranges enable each person to find the flooring that matches his or her preferences.


Direct Purchases

Because we buy direct from manufacturers we can offer you some of the cheapest flooring prices you’ll find.


We source vinyl products directly from leading vinyl manufacturers such as:



You’ll see some prices are up to 50% less than the RRP. You can get more done with the budget you have available!


Clearance Options

We are always updating the products we have in our clearance vinyl flooring section. You’ll see online specials so keep browsing our site. To make place for new stock you’re given the opportunity to get quality flooring from one of our vinyl flooring sales.


You can see there’s no reason to doubt the quality of the products in our cheap vinyl flooring range. We know we sell quality products that will serve you well for years. As proof of this you’ll get long warrantees of 7-10 years on most products.


Why Pick Cheap Vinyl Flooring?

The cheap vinyl products we offer are your answer to many flooring challenges:


  • Which flooring options will last long?
  • Can you get style at an affordable price?
  • Which flooring options are safe for home and commercial use?

All these requirements and more are met with Remland’s cheap vinyl flooring range.


Remland knows vinyl is an excellent option in most flooring situations.


Why Vinyl?

Advantages of Vinyl

Don’t hesitate in trusting the cheap vinyl range at Remland. You’ll get all these benefits of vinyl:


  • Safety: Thanks to a non-slip feature on most vinyl flooring products you’re safety is taken care of. This makes vinyl an excellent option for:
    • Bathrooms
    • Work areas
    • Children’s play areas
    • Kitchens


  • Durability: You won’t have to deal with a deteriorating floor thanks to wear layers on these floors. Despite high traffic your vinyl flooring stays in top condition for years. You can use the guarantees offered on our products as proof. This shows how much faith Remland and the various manufacturers place in the cheap vinyl products.


  • Easy installation: You can install vinyl yourself if you’re ready to try a DIY project. This will further assist in keeping to your budget. All the accessories you need are available in Remland’s online store.


  • Authenticity: Vinyl doesn’t look old fashioned anymore. You can now obtain designs that look authentic, modern and vibrant. Pick the natural designs and your visitors will think you installed real hardwood or stone floors. Some tile designs even have authentic grouting grooves you can feel.


  • Comfort: Here’s where you see a cheap range on the Remland product list is not about lowering quality. Many cheap vinyl products are manufactured with a cushioning feature. This cushioning makes it comfortable to walk on. It can even help you feel less fatigued after a day standing on these floors.


Vinyl makes sense in any setup in commercial or residential buildings. You see all it offers. These characteristics benefit you no matter the premises you want to decorate.


All these benefits are still yours when purchasing products on a Remland vinyl flooring sale. The sale price is no indication that the quality of the product drops.


Which Vinyl Features Matter to You?

With the wide range available in our vinyl flooring sale it can be difficult to make up your mind. Use these tips to help you decide on a product.


What will You use the Vinyl for?

Start by imagining the cheap vinyl in your rooms. Vinyl is an excellent option for:


  • Areas where water is concerned: Some vinyl products are made for bathrooms, but not all of them. Pick one that offers slip resistance. Vinyl can get damaged by too much water. Make sure you mop up spills often.


  • Kitchen areas: The vinyl won’t easily stain as long as the flooring is cleaned regularly. Pick a design which will turn your kitchen into a cosy area to cook and spend time with loved ones.


  • Office areas: The stylish designs will add lustre to offices while still offering easy cleaning options. Pick a design which matches your company’s style.


  • High traffic areas: Your vinyl products are usually protected from scuff marks by a protective wear layer. It will present well for years. Imagine the benefits this feature brings in:


  • Factories where you need non-slip flooring too.
  • Schools and other areas where many kids gather. The comfort of cushioned vinyl is an added benefit when kids need to sit on the floor.
  • Reception areas where you have to make a positive impression without the results of wear and tear showing.


Who will Install the Vinyl?

Vinyl is available in tiles and rolls of different sizes. Consider this for easy installation.


Yes you can install vinyl yourself. This will further benefit your budget. Vinyl tiles are especially easy to install. All you need is available at the Remland online store and can be delivered to your door.


Vinyl Styles

Let’s Talk About Style

At Remland cheap vinyl doesn’t mean a lack of options. Thanks to the wide range of designs you’re bound to find a design that matches your style. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect.


You’ll find modern and classic designs to match your required style and taste. The options are vast:

  • Wood: You’ll find roles and tiles. With tiles you can create your own wood patterns. Pick classic designs such as wood for a timeless look. You can change other décor from time to time while your flooring stays fashionable throughout.


  • Stone: Stone looks classy in most spaces. The stone vinyl products are made to look and feel authentic. Contemporary designs such as stone make a statement of class to anyone who enters your rooms.


  • Patterned: There are modern and classic patterns you can pick from such as Chess board or Baroque which seem to always be in fashion.


  • Plain: Make decorating a room easy. Install a plain coloured vinyl floor. Browse the many colours and shades available in the cheap vinyl flooring range. Use the Homestyle White or pick your favourite colour from the Universal range. Now add décor you love.



How do You Maintain Vinyl?

Vinyl maintenance is one more reason to consider the vinyl flooring sale at Remland. You save money during your purchase and you save money over the next few years. Maintenance is affordable and easy.


Vinyl maintenance and cleaning simply requires soapy water and a mop. Don’t use harsh and expensive chemicals.


The wear layer makes for easy cleaning and can cope with high traffic areas.


Why Remland?

Why Remland is Your Answer

Apart from the benefits of using cheap vinyl flooring Remland offers you these additional features:


  • We have a store in Kent where you can view flooring and other products. Visit our friendly, knowledgeable staff who will help you and offer advice.


  • We offer a range of flooring at excellent prices including carpets, laminates and commercial options. You can get all your flooring requirements from one supplier.


  • Our range of accessories offer you everything you need for installation and maintenance. These can be delivered to your premises. You don’t have to leave your home to start your flooring projects.


  • Remland offers many price specials online. Order via our site to ensure you get the best discounts.


  • Most orders are eligible for our free* delivery service. We make sure you get your products so you can concentrate on building and renovations.


  • We offer free samples of most of our products. Order these online. We’ll deliver them so you can make sure which flooring options will match your décor best.


Your flooring challenge has a solution. Remland will partner with you and show you how. Now you know how your flooring dreams can come true. Have you settled on a product yet?


The only way Remland benefits from selling cheap vinyl flooring is when our products serve our customers well. This is your guarantee that you’ll only find high quality products. This applies to our clearance vinyl range too. Excellent prices combined with quality flooring is now possible. This is how Remland makes your flooring dreams reality.