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    Green Vinyl Flooring

    If you're looking for a way to introduce some colour into your home without going too out-there with wacky designs or tasteless colour combos, green vinyl flooring could be just the thing for you. Green lino flooring is often underappreciated, thought of as "garishly green", but this couldn't be anything further from the truth. With our range of bold or more subtle green vinyl flooring options, you can find the perfect shade and style to suit you. 

    Green is a vibrant colour but also reminds you of nature and growth, so if you're looking to bring a piece of the outdoors in to your home or office environment, green lino is the perfect place to start.
    Browse through our online catalogue of green vinyl flooring and get creative. Vinyl flooring is a practical solution, and when combined with a graceful green, can make any space fun and enjoyable to use.

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    Why Choose Green Vinyl?

    The first piece of the puzzle is deciding the best place to use your new green vinyl flooring - if you've already produced a 10 step plan and have the tools ready to rip your floor up already, you can safely miss this step! 

    Which Places Benefit from Green Vinyl Flooring?
    Green lino flooring can suit any room in your home, featuring a powerful colour that also sparks creativity. For particular impact, consider using your new green vinyl flooring in one of the spaces below...
    Creative Agencies
    A workplace that is dull and decorated in neutral colours doesn’t enhance your employees’ creativity. Install new green vinyl floors to improve productivity and create an inviting space for anyone working or passing through.
    Education is important and children should feel encouraged every day to use their imagination. Green is just the colour to do this at schools, nurseries and in kids’ play areas.
    Adding green vinyl flooring in hallways, classrooms and libraries keeps areas interesting and unique, which is important for any space used by lots of people. Because of its durability, green lino can serve you well for years to come.
    Green vinyl flooring can help to boost restaurant clientele’s mood and energy levels? With vibrant shades you can create an exciting environment, or create a quiet environment with one of our more subtle shades.
    Pick Your Favourite Design
    With a range of different shades and designs on offer, you won't have to compromise when picking out your brand new green vinyl flooring.
    Solid Green Colour
    Pick one of our light green vinyl flooring shades in a solid colour to open up space or use dark green vinyl flooring to make a statement. Solid designs are also perfect as backdrops for other décor.
    Add character through some simple patterned vinyl flooring designs:

    You’ll find everything from classic to modern designs to match your current decorating preferences in our wide range of green lino, sourced from the world's leading manufacturers.

    Benefits of Vinyl

    The Benefits of Green Vinyl Floors
    Green vinyl floors have benefits that you’ll love now and in the future:

    • It’s an affordable flooring solution that'll last you years with long manufacturer warrantees.
    • Perfect for high traffic areas because it’s stain and damage resistant
    • Easy to install which can save you money on labour costs
    • Waterproof
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