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    Green Vinyl Flooring

    Ever consider adding a dash of colour to your home? Your practical answer may be green vinyl flooring.
    Green is vibrant but also reminds you of nature and growth. This can even be beneficial to your office environment. Isn’t that what you want to communicate to employees and clients?
    Yes, green vinyl flooring can work anywhere!
    Start browsing Remland Carpets online catalogue of green vinyl flooring and get creative. You can discover how the colour green is the answer to your flooring requirements.


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    Why Choose Green Vinyl?

    So where will you use green vinyl flooring?
    Which Places Benefit from Green Vinyl Flooring?
    This flooring will suit any room in your home but green is a powerful colour that also sparks creativity. Use it in the areas below for optimum effect.
    Creative Agencies
    A workplace that is dull and decorated in neutral colours doesn’t enhance your employees’ creativity. Install green vinyl floors to get the most out of workers and especially artists.
    Employees will love this fun colour and feel more inclined to spend hours at their desks. Any change from the norm will lead to better creativity.
    Education is important and children need to feel encouraged every day to use their imagination. Green is just the colour to do this at schools, nurseries and in kids’ play areas.
    Add colours in green vinyl flooring in hallways, classrooms and libraries. Use the different shades flooring at Remland to decorate certain sections of the premises and keep it interesting. Because of its durability it will serve you well even in high traffic areas.
    Do you want to boost your restaurant clientele’s mood and energy levels? They’ll stay longer and order more off your menu.
    And green vinyl flooring can help you do this. This vibrant colour will create an exciting environment and green soothes people’s emotions so they feel relaxed. Isn’t that what you want your patrons to feel?
    But which one of Remland Carpets’ designs will work best in these situations?
    Pick Your Favourite Design
    Remland sources a wide range of flooring so you can find exactly what will suit your spaces. Which product do you want?
    Solid Green Colour
    Pick a lighter shade in a solid colour to open up space or use dark colours to make a statement. Solid designs are also perfect as backdrops for other décor.
    Add character through some simple designs:

    • Pentagon shapes
    • Diamond
    • Mosaic
    • Tiles resembling patchwork

    You’ll find everything from classic to modern designs to match your current decorating preferences.
    But why opt for vinyl floors?

    Benefits of Vinyl

    The Benefits of Vinyl Floors
    Vinyl floors have benefits that you’ll love now and in the future:

    • It’s an affordable flooring solution thanks to Remland’s low prices
    • Perfect for high traffic areas because it’s stain and damage resistant
    • Easy to install which can save you money on labour costs
    • Waterproof

    And Remland can offer free deliveries if you spend more than £49 online. Place your order today to get your green vinyl flooring fast.

    * Free delivery is available on specific products or if your order totals over £75. Certain delivery areas (such as Scottish Highland, Islands and off shore areas) will incur a fixed delivery charge - you can check by entering your postcode on the shopping basket page.
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