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    Polyflor Vinyl

    Modern living requires flooring that is resilient to all sorts of threats, from foot traffic, to spills, to dirt, to general wear and tear. This is where Polyflor Vinyl comes in.

    Many designs provide resilient materials to thwart these threats, but not many package this with the beatiful finish of a handcrafted wooden floor or carved stone.  Polyflor vinyl flooring walks the line between toughness and aesthetics by providing durable, high-quality textiles with their patterns.

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    Polyflor Styles

    Now, you can make your house a home with the authentic designs and welcoming comfort of Polyflor Vinyl. 

    This brand combines a number of influences, from natural textures like wood and stone through to contemporary modern living materials.

    The Polyflor collection has been developed to enhance your home’s interior using authentic patterns and inspiring designs, whilst providing the practicality and durability that comes from luxury vinyl sheet flooring.
    Polyflor’s Vinyl Flooring Styles
    There are a few choices to pick from at Remland Carpets for Polyfloor Vinyl Flooring, and within these choices there are many variants.  You are certain to find a fit for your ideal home within these selections.  The following is a rundown of how the styles would fit into the aesthetic of your home.

    • Secura Stone and Abstract is a vinyl flooring that comes in six different variations, which cover a nice variety of stone-based designs.  There are the dark Black Slate, Plymouth Slate, and Grey Flagstone that fit into any modern setting without clashing with the furniture; the Limestone and Riviera styles provide a brighter appeal to warm up a space without being garish; and the Polished Concrete or Portabello Flagstone designs, which are the even-toned complement to finish off any room.   The R10 slip resistance rating (explained below) is indication of just how safe these floors are for infants and toddlers, as well as older kids and even adults who live active indoor lifestyles.  Each Secura floor has Polyfloor’s patented Utracomfort backing and Cleanshield coating, making them an even greater value at an incredible price.
    • Secura Wood, like its stone and abstract counterpart, is a hard-wearing vinyl floor that works in every room in a contemporary home.  In fact, Secura is a popular choice for adding floor coverings to entire apartment buildings and multi-dwelling establishments.  Both the price and the value of this range make it an easy choice for extensive floor makeovers.  It also boasts the R10 slip resistance rating, Utracomfort backing, and Cleanshield coating.  The wood-styled tiles come in twelve different styles, which have even more variety than the stone tiles.  Favorites are the Country Oak, which has the classic woodgrain appeal of a standard wooden floor; the beautful Ebony and Dark Walnut styles that give your floors that log cabin feel; and the White Lime or Coastal Oak finishes that add a lively touch to your rustic interiors.
    • Designatex floors are textile-backed luxury floors that provide a versatile mix of eighteen different styles that come in both wood(12) and stone(6) visuals.  Each of these floorings is backed by a soft textile backing that maximizes underfoot comfort.  Of course, it has the same R10 slip rating as the other Polyflor brands.  Many enjoy the dusky compement of the Neo Oak and Noir Slate to balance out rooms with brighter wallpaper and furniture, while many others will use the Chalk White Oak or Barca Limestone to have the opposite effect on darker rooms.   This range is one of the newest in the Polyflor catalogue.  It has the Cleanshield polyurethane treatment that adds an extra layer of protection against wear and stains and lowers noise emissions by seventeen decibles.  Also, environmentalists will be happy to know that Designatex is one hundred percent recyclable.

    Polyflor Slip Resistance

    About Slip Resitance Rating
    Slip resistance is a measure of the friction caused by the surface of floors as it directly relates to lowering slip and fall accidents. 

    The slip resistance scale runs from R9 to R13, where R9 is the minimal slip resistance, and R10, like the Polyflor floors listed above, is a good value for home areas like bathrooms and kitchens where slipping hazards aren’t as likely. 

    Values R11-R13 are more reserved for industrial areas where the risk of slipping is moderate to high, like a laundrette or a communal shower at gym.

    About Polyflor Vinyl

    About Polyflor Vinyl Flooring
    Polyfloor’s parent company, James Halstead Limited, was established in Manchester, England around 1915 as a weaving company by a Mr. James Halstead, an international textiles pioneer.  It started as a cotton textiles company and later moved to rubber before eventually adding vinyl. 

    The first installation of the Polyflor line was carried out in 1954.  The company has a storied history of innovation that saw the reigns passed from grandfather to father to son over the course of its existence. 

    While the Polyflor clientele could have remained relevant just on their well-established clientele, they have always been on the cutting-edge of modernized textile production. 

    The company has accrediation for both ISO-9001 (quality management systems) and ISO_14001 (environmental managment).  2017 saw the launch of at least nine different collections with many variations contained therein, three of which are sold at Remland Carpets. 

    Why Polyflor Vinyl?

    Polyflor Technologies
    Always at the forefront of contemporary textile development, Polyflor has three main technologies that define their current catalog of vinyl flooring.  Each of these technologies are proprietary, and unique to floors manufactured by Polyflor. They are as follows:

    • Utracomfort (Soft Underfoot) is a layer of soft backing, usual a material like felt, that provides increased thermal retention for warmth and softer feel underfoot.  It has the additional benefit of reducing noise.
    • SureTread (R10 Slip Resistance) is Polyflor's hard-wearing slip resistance standard, which helps prevent slips and falls by increasing the tile's traction above industry requirements.
    • CleanShield (Easy Clean Surface) is a coating layer of polyurethane (PUR) that reinforces the surface of their vinyl tiles, preventing stains and scuffs, and significantly reducing time and money spent on keeping floors clean.

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