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    Rhino Flooring Vinyl

    With our extensive selection of rhino flooring, you can finally get the flooring you dream of at an affordable price. Not only that, but our rhino vinyl flooring is also a practical option, suitable for any room in the home.
    Rhinofloor vinyl could be the perfect option for your home, combining smart style and essential practicality:

    • Rhinofloor looks authentic
    • Rhinofloor is durable
    • Vinyl flooring is reasonably priced
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    What is Rhino Flooring?

    Rhinofloor is a type of vinyl flooring that is a great mixture of interesting designs and important features. We stock a wide range of Rhino vinyl flooring, so you’re bound to find a design that matches your style.
    What Makes Rhino flooring so Remarkable?
    You’ll love how the Rhinofloor brand—previously known as Armstrong Rhinofloor—anticipates the needs of the market. Its designs can fulfil almost any aesthetic need your rooms require.
    Rhino vinyl flooring is a practical option too. Rhino flooring is easy to clean and most products in these ranges are slip-resistant. You can create safe working and living spaces at a price that suits your budget.
    Rhinofloor is manufactured locally in Kent, helping you to get flooring of international standards at affordable prices. Rhinofloor is a company famous for both quality and variety.
    Rhinofloor vinyl is available in a range of thicknesses and widths, with installation relatively easy.
    Most products have long warranties to help you rest easy when it comes to the longevity of your floor. The wear layers on top of Rhino flooring means your floors will present well for years to come.

    Types of Rhinofloor

    Types of Rhinofloor
    You’ll have a hard time picking the ideal Rhino vinyl flooring for your use, simply because there's so many to pick from! Despite the fact that they're vinyl, the designs are remarkably authentic and look amazing in any situation.

    Wood effect vinyl flooring always look modern and stylish. Now you can have wooden look flooring at a low price with the Rhinofloor range!
    Stone Rhinofloor
    Stone matches most décor styles. The stone effect tiles in the Rhino flooring range look like the real thing, so you can acquire style without concerns about slippery floors or maintenance problems.
    Rhinofloor vinyl ranges such as Elite Professional offer flooring in a variety of styles and shades. The marbled effects are practical for use in almost any space.

    Why chose Remland?

    The Benefits of Ordering with Remland
    Remland sees customers’ needs as a priority, and we know that everyone's requirements, budgets and opinions are different. With our extensive online range, we're sure you’ll find Rhino flooring that matches your preferences no matter your project:

    • We stock a wide range of Rhino floor designs so you can find one you love. Our Rhino lino products are perfect for any room in your house.
    • Prices vary and we continually offer specials and discounts. You’ll find an option that helps you stay within your budget without compromising on the level of quality you expect from vinyl flooring.

     Purchasing your Rhinofloor from Remland helps you take advantage of the other benefits we offer:

    • We stock all accessories needed for installation and flooring maintenance, including for our Rhino floor vinyl.
    • Order online and have your rhino flooring delivered to your door.

     Rhinofloor products available online or at our store in Kent could well be the perfect practical and affordable solution you’ve been looking for.

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