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    Heckmondwike Carpets

    Heckmondwike Carpets deliver a range of carpet and carpet tiles that exceeds expectations. Schools, colleges, universities and local authorities across the UK have been choosing carpets from Heckmondwike confident in the quality, design and performance.



    Quality Carpet

    What Do You Look For in Carpets?

    The reasons why you want carpets are probably different to any other person’s. Heckmondwike makes carpets that are sure to meet the collective needs of its buyers. They get this right thanks to years or experience.

    Here’s what you can expect.

    Fibre Bonded Carpets
    The carpets are made with the strongest fibres. The carpets are thick which contribute to the resilient properties you need for areas subjected to a lot of wear and tear.

    Remland’s Product Category
    At Remland we offer certain ranges from this collection:

    • Supercord: This is a popular carpet for schools, colleges and universities.
    • Broadrib: Because of its wider rib structure the carpets are perfect for all commercial areas.
    • Wellington Velour: The 10mm thick rolls are durable for all heavy foot areas.

    Entrance and Transition
    What are the areas that experience a lot of foot traffic in your building? Probably the entrance of the building, bathrooms, rooms, or outside the elevator.

    You can’t replace your carpets every year because of wear and tear. Heckmondwike has a solution.

    These entrance and transition carpets have ribbed textures. This unique design catches the dirt and grit from shoes to prevent scratches on your floors.

    This carpet range is softer than the others, yet it’s just as durable because of the impervious backing. These carpets are perfect for care environments where spills are bound to happen.

    Remland’s Product Category
    We offer the Pure Care range. These carpets are stain resistant and anti-static. The Pure Care range also passes the relevant flammability tests which make it the best option for all care environments.

    Easy Installation
    You don’t need to spend more money when you purchase these carpets. Installation is straightforward so you can do it yourself.

    And once again Remland will help you: You can get adhesives, tapes and other installation accessories straight from us. Simply order online!

    Your Environmental Needs Are Considered By Heckmondwike
    You probably care for the environment and so does Heckmondwike. That’s why this is the perfect flooring partner. Their materials have a low environmental impact:

    • The polypropylene has a low energy conversion for any manmade fibre.
    • Nylon is 100% nylon waste.
    • The rubber crumb back is made from recycled car tyres.

    The company has an intensive manufacturing policy which reduced landfill waste by 60%. You’ll be proud to use this company’s products. And that’s why we’re proud to showcase them.

    Do you see why Heckmondwike commercial carpets are suitable for your business and commercial spaces? It’s time to purchase the best on the market. Use Remland’s simple online booking system to purchase your carpets today.

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