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    Kitchen Vinyl Tiles

    Kitchen LVT is the perfect way of adding a layer of luxury to your kitchen. A kitchen is the hub of a home, it’s a room that’s used a lot and is enjoyed by all the family, which is why it deserves the most luxurious floor type. We have a huge range of kitchen LVT and what’s more, we offer great value-for-money - we pride ourselves on having the cheapest prices around! 

    Our Kitchen LVT flooring is extremely durable, water-resistant and has an approved slip resistance, ideal for rooms such as kitchens prone to spillages. There is a huge variety of colours and authentic designs available. Luxury vinyl tiles are hugely popular because of the easy installation options. We offer click LVT flooring, which simply clicks together, or stick down LVT - both of which are easy to install!

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    Benefits of kitchen LVT

    The benefits of kitchen LVT outweigh many other flooring types, which is why this is one of our best selling products. The clue is in the name; these tiles are made from luxurious vinyl, a product that is used widely in homes because it is warm underfoot, durable and easy to clean. Our vinyl flooring suppliers offer a minimum of 10 years warranty, helping to affirm just how durable they are. The range of designs and patterns available in kitchen LVT is vast, including wood and tiles and the finished floor is remarkably authentic.


    Kitchen LVT is a Practical Flooring Choice

    The major draw to kitchen LVT is its practicality. All of our kitchen LVT floorings come with R10 slip resistance, making it a popular choice if you are elderly or have young children running around. It also has scratch resistance so is a go-to choice if you have pets. Kitchen vinyl flooring also has a high moisture resistance making it the perfect choice for your kitchen. Furthermore, it is very easy to maintain and keep clean with a quick sweep, or wipe with a cloth or mop and it’s as good as new.


    Kitchen Floor Vinyl Tiles Brings Comfort

    Many natural floors such as stone can be cold underfoot. Kitchen luxury vinyl tiles are made of a series of multiple, flexible layers that help to keep it warm, which helps to maintain the heat in your room. As well as maintaining warmth, the layers of LVT add an element of cushioning making it comfortable to walk on. Gone are the days that vinyl flooring is considered dated and cold, Kitchen vinyl tiles are the ideal way of adding comfort to your home. 


    Kitchen LVT Flooring Styles 

    We pride ourselves on offering one of the largest ranges of kitchen LVT flooring in the UK. We sell only the highest quality, authentic kitchen LVT tiles at affordable prices. The range of designs and patterns is what makes this such a popular flooring type.

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