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    Tretford Cord (2m Wide)

    Tretford Cord by JHS is a beautiful and unusual contract carpet made from 80% Cashmere Goat hair, 15 % Nylon and 5% Viscose with a heavy duty Jute backing. Available here in a 2m wide roll (also available in a tile format) with a total weight of 2,750 grams per square metre.

    Now available inhuge range of fantastic colours this well known contract range has naturally enhanced acoustic and thermal properties, it actually helps reduce airborne dust and allergens by acting as a natural air filter and comes with an impressive 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty - "A beautiful and unusual flooring - we love it."


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    JSH Tretford Cord


    JHS: The Creator of Tretford Cord


    The JHS company has been in the commercial carpet industry for years. Many industries take pleasure in having this floor type in their rooms. The carpets have been installed in schools, hotels, homes, nursing homes, hospitals and more. 


    And this means it can work for you too!


    JHS understand what clients need and thus developed the perfect range of carpets that accommodates them. 


    That’s why Tretford Cord was created. 


    When you learn more about it you’ll understand why. Browsing for your business? This is an excellent option to consider for commercial spaces too.


    What is Tretford Cord


    What is Tretford Cord? 


    In summary its carpets that are made with:

    • 80% cashmere goat hair 
    • 15% nylon 
    • 5% viscose 

    These materials are very soft and comfortable to walk on. That’s what you want in a carpet, right?


    All these materials are supported by a heavy duty Jute backing. You’ll love this because it makes the carpet more durable.


    Tretford is available in:

    • A carpet roll
    • Tiles
    • Combination of both

    All these are easy to install, making this your DIY solution. 


    Why Do You Need Tretford Cord?

    No, it’s not only about the carpet’s extreme softness. That’s only the beginning. Because of authentic cashmere goat hair, you get the following:

    • The carpets act as air filters which reduce airborne dust and allergens  
    • The carpets promote energy savings by keeping rooms insulated
    • Indoor air quality is improved significantly
    • It facilitates incredible indoor acoustics 


    This carpet does it all. And it will work anywhere!


    Where Can You Install These Carpets? 

    Remland offers you two Tretford Cord designs. One is roll format and the other in tile. 


    There are close to 50 colour variations for each. You’ll definitely find a design that matches your commercial area’s décor. 


    Why not use them in:

    • Waiting rooms
    • Entrance areas
    • Stair cases 

    They’re so striking they’ll impress anyone walking by.


    Schools can install these carpets in classrooms too. Children won’t feel uncomfortable when it’s reading time. The carpets tend to be warm during winter. You won’t have any learners falling sick because your classroom is too cold. 


    Effortless Maintenance 

    You may think that all the fibres used to create the carpets are sensitive to dirt and stains. In reality they’re easy to clean. 


    So don’t feel worried installing them in places where spills are bound to happen. You can clean the carpets by vacuuming regularly and use light detergent only when there are spills.  


    No special tactics are necessary to clean the floors. Your life as a Tretford Cord owner is made simple. 


    You can get the look and feel of high class carpets at Remland. Best of all is they’re completely affordable. It’ll only take a few minutes to shop and qualifying orders get free delivery*. Remland helps you all the way. 

    * Free delivery is available on specific products or if your order totals over £250. Certain delivery areas (such as Scottish Highland, Islands and off shore areas) will incur a fixed delivery charge - you can check by entering your postcode on the shopping basket page.
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