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    Patterned Carpet Tiles

    Do you usually settle for plain carpets in your home or work place? Why not try something new and replace them with patterned carpets? You can have a new look overnight!
    And no, this change won’t even be expensive.
    The patterned carpet tiles you find at  Remland Carpets are affordable but they’re of exquisite taste and high quality.
    Have a look at these ranges and start planning your renovations.

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    Why Choose Patterned Carpet Tiles?

    What Patterned Carpet Tiles Will You Find at Remland?
    Prepare to be blown away.
    The team at Remland Carpets loves to give clients exactly what they’re looking for. That’s why you’ll find hundreds of designs even in this one category. This variety assures you’ll find a style that suits your decorative requirements.
    Look closely. No two styles on our floor have the exact same look. Take your time to find the one that exactly matches your preferences and create the perfect decorative solutions.
    Why do People Love These Carpets?
    Patterned carpet tiles such as the Go To Range are many customers favourite. You’ll find many products in Remland’s ranges that offer:

    • A patterned that creates the illusion of one design on a wall to wall carpet.
    • A variety of colours that allows you to be creative and arrange the carpet tiles to create a unique pattern you design yourself.

    There are carpet tile patterns of many colours, textures and patterns. Which ones suit you best?
    How Do Carpet Tiles Benefit You?
    Installing carpet tiles is a wise option for many reasons. Here are simply four of the benefits:
    They’re Versatile
    You can use them anywhere because they work for home and office areas. Use the design you love in all areas you function in.
    They’re Cost Effective
    The carpet tiles are affordable and even replacing them makes financial sense. If they get damaged or stained you only need to replace the affected tiles—not the whole flooring. This carries a long term cost benefit.
    You Can Install Them Yourself
    It’s simple to install these carpets even if you’re not used to DIY projects. You can easily cut them to size and apply adhesive yourself.
    They’re Durable
    Carpet tiles are durable enough to handle high traffic zones. They’re also easy to maintain and don’t require high cleaning expenses.
    Do you love them as much as we do?
    Where can You Use These Carpet Tiles?
    These excellent features inspire Remland to stock a wide range of products. We know these carpet tile patterns form the solution for many rooms. They work in:

    • Bedrooms
    • Living rooms
    • TV rooms

    But your work areas can benefit from them too. Their style and durability make them perfect for:

    • Boardrooms
    • Office spaces
    • Waiting areas
    • Lobbies
    • Shop Floors

    Don’t you think it’s time for a change at work?
    But don’t stop your creativity there. Patterned carpet tiles are proven to be effective in:

    • Dressing rooms
    • Classrooms
    • Restaurants
    • Kids play areas

    Thanks to their low maintenance features they’re always a practical - and stylish - solution.
    And at Remland you’ll get them at low prices.
    These patterned carpet tiles are your answers to questions of style, sophistication and practicality. Which ones are you going to order? 

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