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    Tartan Carpets

    Choosing a tartan carpet can be an overwhelming task. There are a huge number of colour choices, patterns, modern styles and types available and at Remland Carpets, we’ve got you covered for budget tartan carpet options. There are two popular options for tartan carpet, and at Remland Carpet, we have JHS Park Royal and Lano’s Venice Tartan which are both made of polypropylene. Both of these carpet options are super stain resistant and are so easy to clean.

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    Tartan Carpet Ranges

    A tartan carpet has the power to be the focus of any space, whether in the home or in a professional environment. Tartan also invokes elegance, so when you’ve chosen it as part of your property, you’re going to make a huge impression on those who visit. Theming your room around the shades that you choose for tartan carpet - so red accessories for traditional tartan or blue - will make the carpet stand out beautifully. We also offer an excellent range of stunning Grey Tartan Carpets that make for the perfect addition to any room. Our Lano Venice Tartan carpet has anti-allergenic properties and a 10-year manufacturer’s stain guarantee, while the JHS Metropole - Blossom comes with a 5-year guarantee. Either way, you get fantastic service.

    Tartan Carpet Delivery

    Our tartan carpets range are both beautiful and impressive, but don’t forget the underlay! The thickness of the underlay adds warmth to the room and it’ll avoid flattening of the carpet. We offer free, fast delivery for mainland areas and we’re confident in both our service and the way that you’ll feel once your tartan carpet is installed.

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