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    Cream Carpet Tiles

    Do you prefer simple tones in your décor?
    Then the cream carpet tile pallet is for you. The colour is simple. The effect is stunning! And with the wide range available at Remland Carpets you’ll find a design to match your design preferences.

    Why choose Carpet Tiles?

    Why does Remland Carpets put effort into creating an expansive cream carpet tile range? Because we know this neutral tone is the perfect answer to many decorative challenges. And we can offer this solution at affordable prices so anyone can enjoy the amazing results.
    Find the Unique Design that Matches Your Style
    At Remland we stock exceptional styles of cream carpet tiles. They are quality products with unique features to suit your requirements. With these carpets your rooms will resemble designer spaces!
    Pinstripe Tiles
    The Pinstripe tiles fit perfectly together to give the visual effect of one large carpet. This design is modern, works in large rooms and will let small spaces appear bigger.
    The Tessera line range has a unique linear texture and the multi-height loop pile carpet feels and looks luxurious. Combine it with other ranges for ultimate diversity. Create your own floor design!
    The Alignment range from Forbo has a distinctive floor pattern. Both open plan areas and enclosed spaces benefit from the broadloom directional theme which is achieved by intersecting random blocks of rich cut pile.
    With a 15 year guarantee attached to this purchase it’s an investment for any home or commercial space.
    These effects can help you transform spaces in:

    • Your home
    • Offices
    • Retail stores
    • Industrial spaces

    Why do we say this will work for home AND commercial use? Because carpet tiles are:

    • Stain resistant
    • Long wearing
    • Many brands are British Allergy Foundation approved

    So your next floor can be practical, safe and healthy!


    Maintaining the Carpets’ Beauty
    You want to let your carpet tiles present well for a long period of time. Smart cleaning and maintenance will prevent unnecessary wear and tear:

    • Place protective mats at entrances to pick up most of the dirt and grime attached to shoes.
    • Vacuum as often as possible to remove dirt and to prevent the tiles from flattening.
    • Attempt to remove stains with a water base insolvent before you use any harsh chemicals. This prevents discolouration.
    • Blot stains instead of rubbing.
    • Treat spots by working from the outside towards the centre.
    • Your carpets should receive a deep clean every eight to 12 months.

    Remember, all it takes to repair a carpet tile floor is replacing damaged tiles. This saves you many future expenses!
    See? That’s easy maintenance and remember Remland sells all repair, installation and maintenance accessories online at affordable prices.
    The Remland team is waiting to receive your order. Place it now and if it exceeds our delivery qualifying spend* we will deliver for free. If you still don’t know which cream carpet tiles to pick visit our showroom or order some samples. How can we help you today? 

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