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    Luxury Vinyl Tiles

    Deciding on new flooring is difficult, but quality products from our wide range make your selection easy. Look at our extensive range of luxury vinyl floor tiles (LVT) to find the perfect solution for your floor. 

    We strive to offer you the cheapest vinyl floor tiles around, at prices you won’t find elsewhere. Our vinyl floor tiles are one of the easiest ways to upgrade your living space without the hassle. Quality products at a low cost!

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    What are Vinyl Tiles?

    Vinyl and linoleum tiles are sensible flooring options for your rooms because of the exceptional durability these products exhibit. Pick a classic design from the wide range of vinyl floor tiles available, as the tiles are likely to last for many years - these floors are designed to stay in execellent condition for as long as you want them!

    The range of luxury vinyl plank flooring at Remland is one of the largest collections in the UK. This range offers you a combination of quality, ease of use and style, some of the most important features you need to consider when investing in some new flooring.

    When You need Style, Functionality and Affordability

    We offer cheap LVT flooring because we know it’s a solution to many flooring challenges, combining affordability, practicality and style. Our range of luxury vinyl click flooring has only expanded as its popularity has exploded over the last few years, with our range reflecting this boom.


    Don’t think of vinyl in the old fashioned way. The new and improved stunning LVT flooring designs have been made to look amazing in any home - natural designs such as vinyl wood plank flooring looks authentic and perfectly in place with both modern and old fashioned aesthetics alike.


    Our cheap LVT click flooring products we showcase all come with long warranties so you can be sure you’re buying quality products that will last a lifetime. Thanks to hard-wearing top layers in the vinyl tiles the structure won’t show wear and tear fast. This even applies when used in high traffic areas, ideal for homes with kids or for a family that hosts parties on the weekend!


    You can increase the safety features at home or the office with the right flooring. Vinyl flooring planks have non-slip features. This makes it practical for commercial use or where you expect liquid spills. Extensive safety testing of luxury vinyl floor tiles' slip resistance ensures you can be safe in the comfort of your home.


    You shouldn’t pick flooring purely for the aesthetics. A floor can add much more to your rooms, especially in the comfort and warmth departments. When you install vinyl flooring planks you get the benefit of their insulation features, allowing you to save energy and create comfortable living or working spaces.

    Some UK vinyl flooring planks are even safe to use with underfloor heating. Thanks to the insulation feature this warmth can be captured for even longer so your home stays comfortable all day long. The benefits of choosing appropriate flooring for your home is clear, ensuring you choose a solution that you'll love for years to come.

    We do our best to source the cheapest vinyl floor tiles around, bringing you all of the above benefits and more!


    What Accessories do You Need?

    We know it's a pain having to shop around just to get everything you need for one project, which is why we even stock a range of accessories to enable you to complete your own DIY projects without having to go elsewhere.

    Whether you’re planning a DIY project or getting someone else to install your new cheap vinyl click flooring, get your accessories online from Remland:

    • Equipment

    Maintaining & Cleaning Vinyl Floor Tiles

    It's important to wash your vinyl flooring but never drench the area. This may cause water to seep in and damage the floor, so make sure all the soap is washed away with clean water afterwards.

    No wax is necessary thanks to the protective and hard wearing top layers on luxury vinyl tile products. Refrain from hard scrubbing or harsh chemicals - this isn't necessary because vinyl cleans easily. They may even cause more harm and can remove the sheen off your floor, so please research your type of flooring carefully before cleaning with anything other than water.

    Types of Vinyl Tiles

    Types of Vinyl Tiles

    Remland Carpets stock a huge range of click vinyl tiles so you can find the one that’s ideal for you and the space you're re-flooring.

    We are proud stockists of:

    • Camaro
    • Forbo
    • Lifestyle Floors
    • Tarkett

    Our range of lvt click flooring is so large it's almost hard to know where to start! We've put together a few guidelines to help you pick your ideal range.

    Vusta Allura

    This range offers you various natural designs including:

    • Stone
    • Wood

    Vinyl wood plank flooring looks remarkably authentic, and now you can add the classic look of wood to any room without a hefty price tag. Luxury vinyl plank flooring allows you to create your own look, and can easily be fitted together according to your own design and aesthetic vision.

    You can get the most elegant natural look for an exceptional price with the Vusta Allura range, with the added benefit of it being easy to take care of - what more could you ask for?


    Each of our vinyl tile products have unique features. With Forbo products you get the added benefit of sound absorbency, on top of the base qualities you'd expect from luxury vinyl tiles.

    This makes it perfect for:

    • Using at the office in areas where workers can't be disturbed by footsteps
    • At home in children’s rooms so kids aren’t woken by your footsteps
    • Home offices where you want to work without the noise of people passing your office door

    Along with this, Forbo products have R10 slip resistant ratings. This makes your space practical and safer. It's also one of the cheapest LVT flooring ranges we have, so it's definitely worth a browse!

    The Forbo Allura collection offers natural designs such as stone and wood but also Abstract tiles. With these you can add modern features to a room in any design you want.

    Forbo’s Marmoleum tile collection is definitely one to consider if you’re feeling creative. These tiles are available in so many colours you'll find it hard to choose. With this range, you’re not bound to set designs. You can add colours and patterns according to your personal style, and with click vinyl flooring easy enough to install yourself, there's no end to the benefits of these flooring products.


    This range is one you can consider for commercial use. Your work areas can obtain some style by picking one of the exceptional Lifestyle designs:

    • Wood designs from the Palace range
    • Slate designs from the Colosseum range

    Because of the heavy domestic/contract vinyl feature, your commercial space will look stunning for years. Some products even have 25 year warranties, giving you peace of mind that you're onky buying the highest quality products.

    It makes sense to invest in such a durable flooring product for any residential or commercial property. Our LVT click flooring is suitable for anywhere in the house, so whether you're looking for new kitchen flooring or something for the living room, our LVT flooring will work wonders for your home.

    Clearance Options

    We aim to look after each customer’s needs, which is why we're offering you a very high quality, affordable flooring option. The best part is you don’t have to sacrifice quality despite paying such low prices. Our range of clearance vinyl floor tiles always changes, so stay on the lookout for anything from our LVT flooring to self adhesive vinyl floor tiles. 

    The clearance vinyl tiles allow you to save up to 50% on normal prices, one of the cheapest ways to get your hands on soe high quality vinyl tiles.

    Why does Remland Offer a Clearance Option?

    We cater for a wide range of customers, budgets, and requirements, which is why we offer a clearance range for people who want high quality flooring with a range of great features, on a budget. The clearance vinyl tiles we offer are high quality products we sell at very low prices. This is possible because:

    • We source directly from manufacturers in the UK
    • Our clearance stock is sold at huge discounts

    You'll very likely find what you’re looking for without putting pressure on your budget.

    Luxury Vinyl Tiles Appropriate For Any Location

    Flooring adds to a room’s atmosphere and style. You may feel hesitant about using vinyl laminate flooring in your space but you have no reason to be, with its populatity increasing over the years.

    You’ll be surprised in how many spaces luxury click vinyl flooring becomes the perfect flooring option. Here are a few reasons why it's perfect for both residential and commercial locations:

    • Vinyl can be cleaned easily which makes it ideal for areas where children play. This can be at home or in public places. Vinyl is also a hygienic option so you can create healthy spaces for children’s activities.
    • Vinyl is now available in many stylish designs. Your office can get a new look which is easy to clean and maintain. The range we have available will offer you the ideal design or allow you to create your own look by using linoleum tiles or vinyl flooring planks. In high traffic areas such as reception offices vinyl is practical. Thanks to the hard wearing feature the colour won’t fade easily and the floor will look new for a long time.
    • The clearance options on Remland’s product list make it even more affordable to obtain flooring. If you need temporary flooring luxury vinyl planks may be your solution. The space can look stylish for the duration of its use without your budget suffering.
    • Vinyl manufacturers cater for commercial use too. You can get hardwearing and non-slip flooring linoleum tiles that turn your warehouse or workroom into a safer space. The floor will last long which is excellent news for your future maintenance budget.

    What spaces are you planning on renovating? Luxury vinyl tiles could well be your solution.

    Can You Install Luxury Vinyl Tiles?

    You can purchase cheap lino tiles and install them yourself, which is a relatively easy way you can save money. By saving on installation costs, you can have more money left to spend on other parts of your home.

    Luxury vinyl click flooring easily slots into place when following a guide. Each vinyl click flooring plank has grooves that other planks can fit into, starting at one end of a room and slot the flooring in to place. Simply make sure you pack them in tight so no grooves can be seen or felt. This will help to protect the floor as less water will be able to seep in.


    Remland’s 360° Solution

    Remland is your ideal flooring vendor because you'll find everything you need under one roof. This includes:

    • Range: An extensive range of flooring can be purchased online. You’ll find carpets, artificial grass and commercial options on our product list, amongst many other options.
    • Accessories: Flooring isn't the only thing available to buy on our store! You’ll also find installation and maintenance accessories you can purchase or order & have delivered.
    • Effortless shopping: You don’t have to leave your home or office to find your ideal flooring for building projects or renovations.
    • Showroom: We know it can be difficult to make your final decision. Come and view luxury vinyl tile options at our shop in Kent or contact us, where our staff will aid you with advice so you can settle on the right product.
    • Delivery: Some items are eligible for our free delivery service, so you can order from your home and save a bit more in the process!
    • Pricing: You won’t easily find our cheap prices elsewhere. If you shop online you are privy to even lower prices than in store, so make sure you use the online shopping feature to get your flooring at the lowest prices possible.

    You won’t go wrong opting for luxury vinyl floor tiles in your home or office. It’s a modern take on a classic flooring option. With advances in design you get the best vinyl plank flooring at low prices. With our range, you get many benefits which include exceptional aesthetics and style. What more do you need? Place your online order today.

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