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    Beauflor Vinyl Flooring

    Redecorating your home is exciting, but the Remland Carpets team know it can also be frustrating. There are so many aspects to consider.
    One of the best places to start is you floor. Do you know a simple change makes a huge difference! Pair this process with our Beauflor vinyl range and you’re guaranteed an excellent outcome!
    Do you want to make your rooms darker or lighter? The Beauflor range can offer you both. Take a look at our selection below. 

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    Why Choose Beauflor Vinyl?

    Vinyl has been popular for decades for good reason. The range offered by Beauflor is an exceptional one.
    Vinyl such as Beauflor offers you this:

    • The planks are the most flexible and easy flooring solution
    • It’s easy to install and repair
    • The floors are easy to clean and maintain without any special treatments
    • The floors can be installed on top of your floor heating system
    • There is a hygienic aspect to these floors which is ideal if you have allergies
    • Most products have 10 year guarantees or more
    • Many of these vinyl products are slip resistant

    But let’s not forget that this range is also beautiful. When picking out floors Remland knows style is an essential feature. That’s why we stock some of the most modern as well as classic products on the market.
    With a Beaufort floor you and your visitors will love how trendy your rooms look after a renovation. It will be fit for a fashion magazine!
    Here at Remland Carpets, our array of Beauflor Vinyl options suit almost any room in your house.
    What to Consider Before Installing the Beauflor Flooring


    Beauflor flooring is available in:

    • Cushion vinyl roll
    • Planks

    You can pick the most practical option for your environment and layout. This makes it easy to have floors installed in unique spaces such as:

    • Retail stores
    • Offices
    • Restaurants

    Damage Protection
    Make it easy on yourself.
    Vinyl planks are usually more practical if you expect them to get damaged from time to time. You can replace one plank instead of an entire floor.
    Alternatively, simply place protective layers between vinyl and heavy furniture. You won’t have to deal with dents or scratches.
    Waterproof Features
    You’ll love vinyl for its ease of use. And it’s mostly water resistant.
    The gaps between vinyl planks may cause water to run down. With cushion vinyl rolls moisture won’t easily seep through as long as you dry up large liquid spills.
    Yes it’s possible to install vinyl yourself:

    • Planks: They click and slot into each other easily.
    • Rolls: Make sure you measure and cut accurately before you use the adhesive.

    Remland helps you by selling all installation and maintenance accessories through our store. Simply let us deliver it!

    Beauflor Range

    Beauflor Flooring Solution for All Rooms
    Yes it makes sense using stunning Beauflor flooring options in your bedrooms and lounge. But did you know the products’ water resistant features make them practical for bathrooms too?
    That’s how versatile this product is.
    The Styles
    If you have a particular design or colour in mind you’ll probably find it on the Beauflor product list.
    At Remland we stock a wide range.
    There are many wood designs to choose from. If you love natural effects you’re bound to find the ideal one here.
    Wood is always in fashion so it’s an excellent option for any home or office.
    The Beauflor tiles have an authentic look and feel to them. The wide variety has something for every part of the house:

    • Kitchens
    • Bedrooms
    • Bathrooms
    • Lounges

    Order some samples from the Remland storeroom to help you decide which product is ideal.
    If simplicity is more your style then view Beauflor’s plain, simple designs. Among the various Beauflor products you’ll find the colour you want.
    Beauflor caters for every type of style whether you’re feeling creative or you’re looking for something more modest.
    The variety of colours makes Beauflor an excellent option for children’s rooms. You can brighten up a space by simply installing a new floor.
    Put some character into a room by adding patterns to your floor. On the Beauflor range you’ll find patterns that include:

    • Striped
    • Stone
    • Victorian

    You can create a Mediterranean look in your home by simply using the correct flooring.
    That’s how Remland empowers you during your renovations. What style can we help you create?

    Beauflor Facts

    The Lesser Known Environmental Facts
    Remland knows our customers have different interests. If you’re concerned about the environment you’ll love the Beauflor vinyl flooring too. These products are environmentally friendly.
    57% of the vinyl is made with common salt which is a renewable resource. The other 43% is made of resin. Beauflor vinyl flooring utilizes less energy during manufacturing and supports low emission processes.
    These characteristics mean you’ll help the environment in years to come too. If ever you feel like redecorating again you can recycle the floors.


    Why Should You Trust Remland Carpets?
    The Remland team is passionate about helping you find the ideal flooring solution. That’s why we offer you all possible services under one roof:

    • Flooring
    • Accessories
    • Advice

    And we add a free* delivery service.
    We’re committed to affordable flooring. You’ll see the Beauflor flooring prices and all our other products feature affordable price tags.
    Where else will you get all these services combined with low prices?

    If you want great prices and quality floors then look no further. Beauflor Vinyl Flooring offers you various options to make your home look as beautiful as you’ve always pictured. With the range available the end result will probably surpass your expectations. So why wait any longer? Let Remland help you with your renovations today! 

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