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    Grey Wood & Laminate Flooring

    Grey wood and laminate flooring options are the perfect compromise between dark & light coloured floors. Do you love grey flooring? Congratulations! You’ve made an excellent decision for your home!

    But we know selecting the right quality flooring can be tricky. However, when you shop at Remland it doesn’t have to be. Our catalogue of grey laminate flooring offers you many options and if you’re unsure about what to pick, you can simply order some samples.

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    The Flooring Specialists
    Our large client base knows Remland Carpets are wood and laminate flooring specialists. The floors we offer are the best in the business, from UK and abroad. We work with the best manufacturers and deal directly with them. How does this help you? You get their excellent products at the best prices in the market.

    And that’s why your grey wood & laminate flooring will have these characteristics.

    Authentic Look
    The floors are designed and manufactured to present well in any room.

    Purchasing a grey wood design from our range will provide you with an authentic look. All the planks are designed to look exactly as if they came from real trees. Some planks are even designed to have the fine grain texture you feel on a tree.

    The true to nature look makes your rooms look fresh and clean. Grey colour floors can also open up the space making small rooms look slightly bigger.

    You want floors that last you years. They’re not something you can replace often like an appliance.

    Trust in Remland to offer the exact quality you want in floors. How do the grey wood and laminate floors exude quality?

    • The boards’ thickness range from 7mm to 21mm. All boards can withstand pressure and are perfect to place in high traffic areas.
    • Some boards have a thick overlay to increase their durability.
    • All planks have a manufacturer’s guarantee ranging from 15 to 25 years.

    Installing grey wood or laminate flooring from Remland is a perfect investment.

    Affordable Price
    You keep winning with Remland.

    All the amazing flooring options come with impressively affordable price tags. And we offer free delivery on certain purchases, making your entire flooring project easy and inexpensive.
    We frequently run online specials for all floor options to save you money. Remland is the affordable supplier you must partner with.

    Easy Installation
    Some floors can be tricky to install. But not with grey wood and laminate floors from Remland.

    With some of the ranges, the planks are engineered to click into one another. You won't need the help of professionals or additional tools to install the floors. This saves you even more time and money.

    The floors click together, designs blend well and grooves are hidden giving you the polished look you want. This is also practical because dirt won't build up and the floors are easier to clean.

    Whether you shop in store or online you’ll love the experience with Remland. A grey wood and laminate floor option perfect for you awaits!

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