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    Laminate Flooring

    What’s your reason for loving natural looking laminate flooring? Do you love the beauty of wood or the stylishness of stone? Perhaps you love how it looks but not the hefty price.
    Laminate flooring is a popular option many of our clients consider in similar situations. The range of benefits makes it a practical and affordable option. With laminate flooring you can have the benefit of a stylish wood or stone floor without paying too much.
    Take a look at Remland Carpets' Laminate flooring range to find one that suits your home or commercial space.


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    What is Laminate?

    Still not sure about what to pick? Use the information below to help you make a decision.
    What is Laminate Flooring?
    Laminate wood flooring has been around since 1977. Over the years improvements were made in terms of manufacturing and the way flooring panels interlock.
    Today laminate flooring is a popular option to use in almost any room in homes or offices.
    High quality laminate flooring is manufactured by pressing together layers of either synthetic flooring products or pressed wood. These layers are fused together. On top a photograph image is placed to give it an authentic natural look. The photograph can resemble:


    • Wood


    • Stone


    • Tiles

    A protective layer is put over the photograph, making the flooring durable and long lasting. The authentic look makes laminate flooring a popular alternative to real hardwood flooring.
    Laminate flooring is produced in tiles or boards. These can be cut to size according to a room’s requirements. Different pieces snap together which makes for easy installation.
    Laminate flooring is moisture resistant. Because of the manufacturing process a liquid spill won’t easily damage the boards. However it’s not completely waterproof. Large amounts of water that aren’t removed may cause moisture to seep in and damage parts of the flooring.
    What sets High Quality Laminate Flooring Apart?
    Here are some easy answers if you’re wondering why you need to use laminate wood flooring in your home:

    Healthy option: Laminate flooring doesn’t attract or harbour dust particles. A simple sweep will easily remove dirt. The particles won’t cling to the floor. This makes laminate wood flooring ideal for individuals who have allergies.

    Low maintenance: Laminate flooring doesn’t require a lot of upkeep. No special products or treatments are needed. Cleaning requires sweeping or washing with a damp mop.

    Durability: Laminate flooring’s top layer is quite hard and durable.
    Impact won’t cause dents in your floor.
    The floor won’t show scratches easily.
    Laminate flooring doesn’t show stains easily.

    Easy installation: You can install laminate flooring over other types of flooring such as carpets or vinyl. You don’t have to take out the old flooring which saves time and money. Installation of laminate flooring only requires accurate measurements and basic tools. The tiles will snap into each other to create a smooth surface. This makes laminate wood flooring an excellent option for DIY projects.

    Versatility: It’s not only an above grade flooring. You can use quality laminate floors in almost any room, including basements and attics.


    Why Laminate?

    More Reasons Why You’ll Love Laminate Flooring
    Your requirements for your next flooring project is unique from anyone else’s. Remland ensures all customers’ flooring needs are met. That’s why Remland offers many different types of laminate flooring and designs.
    Our experts know laminate wood flooring is a practical option for many of our customers. If the following characteristics are important to you, you’ll be wise to pick laminate flooring for your home or office:
    How Much is Laminate Flooring?

    You can give your home a new look while you stay within your budget. Wood laminate flooring is a quality product that will serve you well for years. This type of quality comes at a very affordable price. Both the boards and installation will be cheaper than many other types of flooring. Starting at just £9.99 per metre squared, you can find your dream flooring without breaking the bank.
    Authentic Look
    When you’re building or renovating a building you want a stunning end result. The laminate flooring patterns in Remland’s range are picked for their quality. This includes the aesthetic value they add to a room.
    Laminate flooring options on Remland’s product list look the same as real wood. This is done because manufacturers take time to create authentic looking boards. Your guests will think real wood has been installed.
    No Colour Fading
    Most laminate flooring products’ colours won’t fade even in daily direct sunlight. This is thanks to a UV protective layer. You can install this type of floor and be assured it will look new for many years.
    Eco Friendly
    Nature lovers love the fact that laminate flooring is more eco-friendly than hardwood floors. Less trees are used during manufacturing than when real hardwood floors are created.
    Can you see why laminate wood flooring is the solution to many flooring challenges? Which type will suit your home?


    Types Available
    Laminate flooring can be manufactured with almost any type of look. The most popular and widely used designs are wood or stone.
    Remland takes pride in offering customers the best types and brands on the market. You can take your pick from:
    This is a heavy duty laminate flooring. Its durability makes Balterio ideal for offices too. Areas with high volumes of traffic can look stunning for years because the design won’t fade or show damage.
    Most of the Balterio products have wood finishes, but you’ll also find the Xpressions range. The Xpressions Domino product incorporates black and white laminate tiles. These black and white laminate flooring tiles can be installed according to your personal design for a stunning modern look.
    There are a few products with stone effects too such as the Pure Stone range. It’s available in black and grey laminate flooring. If you’re looking for a stunning white laminate flooring, opt for the Limestone White.
    Many of the Balterio products have warrantees of up to 20 years.
    Remland Carpets offers a laminate flooring sale from time to time. You can pick up these durable products for an even better price. Contact our offices for information on a laminate flooring sale or regularly visit our website to view special pricings.
    Lifestyle Floors
    The Lifestyle brand is known for laminate wood flooring that looks authentic. Some of the Lifestyle ranges—such as the Belgravia products—have an embossed surface. In both the look and feel this range will give your floors an authentic wood effect.
    Wembury Laminate
    This brand is one of the most popular on Remland Carpets’ range of products.
    Wembury names its laminate wood flooring after different trees with good reason. When you look at the flooring you’ll think you’re standing on real hardwood floors.
    Whether you love oak wood or walnut, you’re bound to find a product fit for your rooms. You’ll see excellent options in the Wembury range especially if you’re looking for white or grey laminate flooring.
    Still unsure about which product you want?
    Did you know you can order samples of Remland flooring products? Remland makes it easy for you to pick the ideal type of flooring for your next project.

    Ordering Laminate Flooring

    How Remland Makes it Easy for You

    Different Flooring
    Remland offers you the easiest way to get new flooring for your home or office. Which of the following do you need apart from laminate flooring?
    Solid Wood
    Artificial Grass
    We offer all of these and the accessories needed to install and care for them.

    Great Pricing
    Remland stocks the best brands on the market at amazing prices.
    From time to time you’ll find a laminating flooring sale which enables you to acquire stunning flooring at even better prices.
    We offer delivery free of charge on qualifying orders of laminate flooring*.
    All You Need Under One Roof
    Remland Carpets have experts who know what you need to install new flooring in your home or office. We offer a range of these accessories so you can find all you need from one vendor.
    Easy Ordering
    What do you have to do?
    Step 1: Pick a type of flooring
    Step 2: Order and pay online
    Step 3: Wait for the delivery
    Step 4: Install
    Additional Benefits
    Additional benefits of using Remland Carpets for all flooring needs:

    • You can visit our store in Kent if you want to view samples of flooring.
    • Our website has useful links to answer more of your questions regarding laminate or other types of flooring.

    Tips Regarding Laminate Flooring

    Not Waterproof
    Remember laminate wood flooring is not waterproof. If you use it in the bathroom or kitchen make sure water doesn’t accumulate in certain areas.
    This water needs to be removed regularly so it doesn’t seep through and damage your floor.
    The Sound
    Laminate flooring’s top layer is hard and durable. You can clearly hear footsteps crossing a laminate floor. Take this into account when deciding on the flooring for your home.
    The noise is dependent on the thickness of the boards or tiles. Using thicker versions—up to 15mm—can counter some noise.
    What does your home need? Certain rooms may benefit from noise minimizing flooring on the Remland product list, such as carpets.
    Look for Authenticity
    Do your homework when picking laminate flooring. View boards up close so you can make sure they are a true representation of the design you want.
    This is why Remland Carpets invites you to visit its store in Kent where samples are kept.
    Laminate flooring is an ideal option for many rooms in your home. It can bring class to a living room and make kids’ rooms easy to clean. All of this is possible at an affordable price. What more can you ask for? Contact Remland Carpets with your order or visit us to make your final decision easy. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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