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    Brown Vinyl Flooring

    If you can’t decide on which colour to pick for your home decorating, brown is always an excellent option. Although often dimissed out of hand for being too boring and dull to help redecorate a room, brown is actually very versatile - especially when it comes to vinyl flooring. Featuring a timeless colour and modern designs, our ranges of brown vinyl flooring are a great choice for almost any room in your home. Check out our ranges of brown lino flooring and see what takes your fancy!

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    Why Choose Brown Vinyl?

    Our brown vinyl flooring designs come from the best flooring manufacturers in the country and around the globe including Beauflor, Rhinofloor and Gerflor. We strive to offer you the best flooring options at the lowest prices. We help each of our customers find the perfect flooring solution, no matter your budget.
    No matter what room you're decorating, brown lino flooring is an impressive choice due to its comfort, practicality and affordability.

    Why Pick Brown Vinyl Flooring?
    Here are only six of the many reasons why brown vinyl is an easy decision for your brand new flooring.
    Moisture Resistance
    Our ranges of brown vinyl flooring is waterproof so it can be installed anywhere in your home. It can be used even in areas where water and other liquids often end up on the floor, making brown lino suitable to be used as:

    There is no risk of water damage to the adhesives or the foundation as long as you clean up spills quickly.
    Aesthetic Versatility
    Our brown vinyl flooring is available in a wide range of designs and patterns, giving you the flexibility and diversity to find a style that suits your décor preferences.
    Our brown range is especially popular for its authentic looks that imitate popular styles:

    You can get classic floor styles at affordable prices without the risk of warping, flaking or cracking.
    Quick and Easy Installation
    There are three vinyl flooring options and they’re all easy to install:

    • Sheets: Sheets need to be glued down.
    • Tiles: Tiles have peel and stick backings. Remember to layer them evenly!
    • Planks: Planks have tongue and click groove profiles that simply click together.

    To successfully install brown vinyl flooring, the surface of the floor needs to be:

    • Smooth
    • Clean
    • Dry
    • Level

    Any flaws will show as indentations which is why it’s best to install vinyl flooring on sanded plywood or concrete floors for a smooth and level finish.
    Brown vinyl flooring can be easily cleaned and maintained. By making sure you regularly clean and mop your brown lino, no grit or debris sinks into the flooring which can cause stains.
    Brown vinyl flooring is stain and scratch resistant making it look brand new even long after it’s installed, giving you the longevity you expect when you install new flooring in your home. This is backed up by long manufaturer guarantees in many cases, giving you that extra peace of mind!
    The floors are soft to walk on and padded layers make them quiet. These layers also insulate your rooms so it keeps spaces warmer, also helping to create inviting atmospheres that are perfect for:

    • Home
    • Office
    • Classrooms
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