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Wool Carpets

Our quality Wool carpets offer softness, durability and a stunning natural appearance, making them a family favourite that won’t compromise on style. This appearance is protected by the Wool fibre’s ability to disguise footprints effectively. These carpets include natural materials and provide a performance which every family home wants.


100% Wool Carpets


Wool carpets shouldn’t just be restricted to the bedroom. They’re extremely versatile, and that means they’ll go well in most rooms throughout a house. Whether you choose to put yours in your bedroom, dining room or living room, you can be happy knowing that it is going to look great wherever it is!


Not only are our living room carpets versatile, but you’ll find them to be incredibly practical as well. That’s because we only sell carpets that are of the best standard and made from premium materials. This makes them very durable and, thanks to their thickness, you should find that there is little risk of them thinning out after just a short period of time. You should also find that they are completely stain-resistant as well. So you don’t have to panic about spillages on your floors anymore!


Wool Carpets Brands


There’s are lots of options to choose from and you can find cheap wool carpets from brands like Alternative Flooring, JHS and Lano to name a few. We also offer a really good range of colours as well. Whether you want a sophisticated subdued shade or something a little brighter that’s going to make a big statement, you’ll certainly be able to find the best carpet right here at Remland Carpets.


Don’t worry if you don’t really know which is the best wool carpet for you, or you’re unsure about anything else when trying to order from us. We’re always here to help you! Give us a call today so we can help you find your perfect 100% wool carpet!