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Striped Carpets

At Remland Carpets, we love offering products that are sure to make your interior design go up a level. If you’re keen to stay on trend, then you need to get yourself a striped carpet. This flooring type is very versatile in that it can provide extra comfort to your home along with a unique style too. You can use them in loads of different ways too; as striped rugs, striped carpets for stairs, or just as a classic carpet in your living room. Regardless of how you want to use this beautiful flooring in your home, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect product for your needs on our site.


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Choose Your Striped Carpets From The Best Brands


You’ll be pleased to know we stock carpets from the biggest brands in the UK! We only choose established and trustworthy brands to ensure that our customers get the very best carpets out there. Currently, we offer exquisite striped carpets from manufacturers such as Lano Collections, Crown Floors and Alternative Flooring to name a few.


Striped Carpets For Every Room


There are plenty of different colours you can choose from, along with a host of delightful designs. We have vibrant options that can jazz up your house, neutral options that go with any interior design theme, and some contemporary styles that are perfect for the modern home.


One of the great things about striped carpets is that they are suitable for just about every room in your home. You can choose some really beautiful designs that make your living room feel so homely and complete. There are more colourful options that are perfect for livening up your master bedroom, and we have striped carpets for stairs that can bring a staircase to life. Do you have a laminate flooring or oak flooring that could do with a brilliant accessory? Well, we have striped rugs that will lay perfectly on there and complement the existing style.


Affordable & Durable Striped Carpets For Sale


It’s not hard to find beautiful striped carpets, but it is difficult to find ones that are also affordable and durable. Here at Remland Carpets, we sell cheap striped carpets that are still of the highest quality possible.


All of the striped carpets we sell are very thick and strong. The thickness makes the fibres so durable, which allows the material to handle lots of footfall all the time. You won’t get flat patches after a few months, which is common for a lot of poor-quality carpets out there! These carpets also have amazing stain resistance - so, you don’t have to worry too much if you spill something on them or your pet tramples loads of mud all over your floor. They’re easy for you to clean, and they stay in excellent condition for a very long time.


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Give your home a new lease of life with a new striped carpet. If you want affordable flooring of the highest quality, then order from us today. We have a plethora of styles to pick from, so have a browse and see which ones you like the best.