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    Patterned Carpets

    There are a lot of office spaces and commercial buildings around the country that choose to buy patterned carpets and this is because this carpet type makes an unbelievable statement. Professional, unique and uniform is what every business aims to be, and with patterned carpets from Remland Carpets, this is what you can achieve. You can choose ornately detailed carpets or patterned motifs, there is a patterned carpet to suit every environment.

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    Patterned Carpet Ranges

    Patterned carpets make for a great alternative option to laminated floors or plain carpets. They will add an extra element of vibrancy in the room. We have many different ranges within pattern carpets for you to choose from. Interface Employ Lines or Flotex Cirrus Tiles will give your office space the attractive design that you’ve been hoping for. Striking choices of colour mean that your patterned carpet tiles are going to pop in your commercial environment. Currently, we are offering massive discounts on our patterned carpets product ranges; offering up to a humongous 47% off!  

    Durable Patterned Carpets

    Our patterned carpets range is built to last, providing you with the hard wearing carpet tile that you need. All you need is the right accessories, which Remland Carpets can also provide.  We offer free, fast delivery for mainland areas and we are confident in both our service and the way that you will feel once your patterned carpet is installed.

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