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    Pink Carpet Tiles

    Add the right amount of life to your rooms by investing in pink carpet tiles.
    Yes! At Remland Carpets we call this decision an investment because you’ll enjoy the amazing effects for years with our durable and hard-wearing pink carpet
    Simply look through this product range and see the proof of quality and stunning aesthetics from a range of household brands to give you peace of mind you're only buying the best quality products on the market.

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    Why Choose Carpet Tiles?

    The Remland team is ready to help you find the perfect pink carpet tiles for you flooring project. With our affordable prices you’ll be able to stay within your budget.
    Place your order online today and we’ll deliver your pink carpet tiles to your door!
    You’ll Love the Quality Products Remland Offers You
    The Remland team loves helping customers find perfect flooring solutions. We know how important quality products are to you.
    Flooring must be a long term investment and that’s why we stock these exceptional brands and leaders in the flooring market:

    • CFS offers you high quality carpet tiles such as the Modena range. They’re perfect for heavy duty areas thanks to the tight loop pile feature. The five year warranty is worth the investment.
    • JHS manufactures a Triumph Loop range. These carpet tiles are 7.2mm thick which creates a luxurious flooring solution for heavy duty areas. The 10 year guarantee is proof of the quality of the product.
    • Burmatex’s Lateral range will give your rooms the bit of detail and character they deserve. The striped design looks stylish while the 7.8mm thickness will let your home and office feel luxurious. This is all you want from a carpet.

    Thanks to these quality features your pink carpet tiles will look stunning and stay in excellent condition for a long time.

    Why Choose Pink?

    When is Pink the Perfect Option?
    Pink carpet tiles are perfect to use in many spaces. Have you considered all these effects? This may be the solution you’ve been looking for to use in your home or office environment:

    • Add energy to a room: A bright pink communicates energy and can turn a dull space into an interesting one.
    • Create warm spaces: Pink carpet can have a red undertone which creates warmth and makes people feel welcome.
    • Be child friendly: Pink is a colour that many children love. Turn their rooms or play areas into fun areas. If they love the colours that surround them they’ll enjoy themselves more.
    • Compliment other hues: Pink matches perfectly with certain designs such as metallic décor. You can use this colour floor to highlight some of your favourite pieces in the room.
    • Create a background for your décor: Remland offers you many different hues. Pick a light pink carpet tile that sets the stage for the rest of your furniture and décor. Pick the correct pink flooring that has the same undertone as your furniture to match perfectly! Using this in your office is also a way of building your brand if pink is one of your company colours.
    • Take a chance: Sometimes it’s worth taking a chance. You’ll find bright pink hues on the Remland product list. Use this to transform a room into something impressive.

    Are you ready to place your order? Remember we’ll deliver for free to most parts of the UK if your order exceeds our qualifiying spend limit*. Start your project today!

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