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    It’s recommended to buy new underlay when you replace your carpet, rather than using the existing underlay. The best type of carpet underlay will provide thermal insulation, reduce noise, make the carpet feel softer underfoot and will help the carpet last longer as it acts as a shock absorber.

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    Why do you need underlay? - Underlay is an integral part of replacing your carpet. There are so many benefits and you should never consider going without carpet underlay. The benefits of the best type of carpet underlay include:

    Noise reduction - Carpet underlay will help soundproof your home, so it's perfect if you have a busy household. Or if you live on a first floor flat, you may want to invest in a high performing underlay to reduce the noise for your neighbours. Carpet underlay will help with the impact noise of people walking on the room above.

    Your carpet will look better for longer - Good quality underlay will stop the pile flattening and so the carpet will look new for longer. As the underlay acts as a shock absorber, your carpet will sit better and take more wear.

    Carpet will feel softer - You carpet will feel more luxurious and softer underfoot with the extra cushioning that underlay provides. Some types of underlay will provide more cushioning and it often pays to choose thicker and more cushioned underlay in areas such as the bedroom where you want the carpet to feel extra soft underfoot.

    Reduce energy bills - The best type of carpet underlay will reduce your energy bills as it will keep the heat in your room. If you plan on living in your property for longer, consider investing in a good quality thermal underlay. The tog rating of carpet underlay will impact the energy efficiency, so look out for something over 2.5 to keep your home cosy and draft free.

    Your carpet is easier to clean - As the carpet pile is protected, the carpet is easier to clean and dust will be removed more easily.

    We supply top quality Underlay and Gripper from some of the leading manufacturers. Perfect for all your floor types. Fast Delivery

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