Victorian Style Vinyl Flooring

Victorian Style vinyl flooring offers some of the most elegant floors sold here at Remland Carpets.  

The patterns are an intricate ode to the classical artistry popularized in 19th century England, with a symmetrical balance between strong and understated tones in patterns that complement luxurious settings. 

Why choose Victorian Vinyl?

Customers who purchase these vinyls can enjoy the appeal of high-end decorative flooring without the heavy cost, as the Victorian styles are also some of the most cost-effective among our many inexpensive tiles. 

These tiles are all currently available at low prices from £10.99 per square metre, an average savings of between £8.00 and £9.00 per unit.
Each of the Victorian floors are resilient and hard-wearing, around 3 mm thick, and come with a manufacturer’s guarantee that they will last for at least seven years.  Like all vinyl tiles sold at Remland Carpets, the Victorian Style is easy to maintain, and each range has a slip resistant surface that makes them applicable to virtually any room, including kitchens, bathrooms, sitting rooms, dens, and playrooms.

Our Victorian Vinyl Styles

Victorian Style Ranges
The Victorian Style comes in different multicoloured patterns.  They are as follows:

  • Lifestyle Baroque tiles are ideal for adding contrast to rooms that have brighter tones in the furniture like finished wood grain or marble countertops.  Light is bounced off some of the colours and absorbed by others, creating an effect that pleases the eye from any angle.  Baroque tiles contain many variations in both pattern and colour.  There are four colours available for the Casablanca style, two for the Aberdeen style, two for Amadora, two for Faro, and two for Lisbon.  Each of these patters varies widely from the next, making the Baroque style one of the most distinct and versatile selections available.


  • The Classic Victorian tile is an enchanting pattern of circles and shapes resembling a fleur-de-lis, hued in a stark grey and white that can embellish even the most mundane surroundings.  These tiles are a favorite among kitchens and restaurant remodelers looking to balance their dark cabinets and counters with a floor that won't clash.


  • The Sagress 009 floors by Avenue of Style are an eye-catching geometric pattern that could be considered modern art.  The optical effect of the connected lines and diamonds can give a smaller space the appearance of greater depth.

About Lifestyle Floors
Lifestyle Flooring is a family-run business based in the state of Florida in the United States, which strives to provide affordable flooring for homes and businesses.   They have amassed over five decades of experience manufacturing flooring components, and have expanded their efforts into Europe and beyond.
About Avenue of Styles
Also called Avenue Flooring, Avenue of Styles a brand that lives up to its name.  The company specializes in sleek, modern vinyl floors that boast contemporary artistry not found in other brands.
Classic Victorian style vinyl floor tiles are a cost effective way to bring an elegant finish to your home. With FREE* delivery and from only £10.99 per square metre, why wait?