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    Purple Vinyl Flooring

    If you want to add class to your home or office then start with purple vinyl flooring. It’s the perfect way to make a statement.
    Whether you’re decorating your home or office purple may be the perfect flooring option.
    And you’ll find the widest range of the best quality at Remland Carpets. Our products are available at reasonable rates. That’s how Remland makes flooring solutions a reality for all our customers, no matter their budgets.

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    Why Choose Purple Vinyl?

    But which shade should you pick?
    Remland’s Purple Vinyl Floors
    Yes, the range is quite vast because we source from many manufacturers to ensure you have a wide selection. You must use what will work best:

    • Ordinary purple
    • Posh purple
    • Blush purple

    Colour shades have subtle differences from one another and each has its own use. You may prefer warmer undertones for bedrooms or cooler undertones for the office.
    Wherever you use them you’ll love vinyl’s features:

    • Anti-slip surfaces
    • They have 0.2mm anti-scuff wear layers
    • They are available in 2m, 3m and 4m widths so you can pick the most economical type for the size space you decorate
    • Manufacturers’ guarantees can last up to  years which is a sign of the quality Remland sells

    Where will you use yours?
    Where can You use Purple Vinyl Flooring?
    Kids Bedroom
    If you don’t want the traditional blue or pink colour for your children’s bedroom, then opt for purple. It’s a unisex colour all children will love.
    Vinyl floors are usually installed with a foam padding. When it’s winter your children’s rooms will be warm without spiking temperatures. This prevents kids from getting sick.
    Conference Rooms
    Make the conference room more stylish with purple vinyl floors. It’s a colour of power and professionalism.
    Restaurant owners can add class to an ordinary space through the right shade of purple.
    But these products are loved for more than their hues.
    Why Else will You Love Vinyl Floors?
    The following benefits of vinyl floors will make you realise why they’re popular. And you’ll love them too.
    Vinyl floors are one of the most affordable flooring solutions on the market. They’re also long lasting so they make financial sense now and for the future. They’re even easy to install so you can save on labour costs and tool expenses if you opt for a DIY project.
    Water resistant
    Vinyl floors are waterproof so liquids won't penetrate and affect the foundation or fibres underneath. This is why they’re also popular to install in kitchens and bathrooms.
    Vinyl floors are stain and scuff resistant. They don’t wear and tear easily which makes them perfect for high traffic areas.
    Get all these benefits at a reasonable price with Remland’s purple flooring range. Shop online to make use of our best rates and discounts. Then place your order and let us deliver it to your door. That’s how easy Remland makes flooring for you. What can we help you with today?

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