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    Concrete Effect Vinyl Flooring

    If you’re looking for something which combines the natural aesthetic of concrete flooring but with the benefits of vinyl flooring, then our concrete effect vinyl flooring could be perfect for you! Concrete vinyl flooring can be a great fit in any room of your home, with its perks of easy installation, warmth and flexibility of design which will give you comfort and pleasure regardless of where you lay it. It can also be a great choice if you’re looking for commercial vinyl flooring, since the practical aspects can also be greatly beneficial for your business!

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    Benefits of Concrete Vinyl Flooring

    The versatility of concrete effect vinyl flooring means it’s desirable for almost any room or area of a building. It offers a stress-free way to get some attractive, warm and functional flooring in your home, so if that’s something that appeals then take a look at our range!


    Natural and Diverse Aesthetic

    Concrete look vinyl flooring has a vast amount of colours and designs, but never loses its natural, homely aesthetic that you find with concrete flooring. You can transform living spaces into sleek and modern rooms where you’ll feel you can unwind, or even turn kitchens and bathrooms into stylish areas of your home; the clean slate look of concrete effect vinyl flooring also means you can easily add your own style on top, making it the perfect option for people who want to show their character. It also works brilliantly as commercial flooring, since it can create a very pleasant work environment for staff!


    Functional Benefits of Concrete Vinyl Flooring

    Concrete vinyl flooring doesn’t lack practical advantages, and they come in extremely handy no matter where you put it. In terms of cleanliness, concrete vinyl flooring is the perfect choice since not only is it very durable, but any mess or dirt is extremely easily cleaned; this makes it more than viable for a kitchen or bathroom area which will endure this the most. As well as that, concrete effect vinyl flooring is much softer and warmer underfoot than real concrete, as well as being far more noise reducing - this is desirable to create a comfortable atmosphere, and will not go unnoticed in your home!


    Concrete Vinyl Rolls

    If you already find the prospect of concrete effect vinyl flooring appealing, then you’ll love the sound of concrete vinyl rolls! As opposed to tiles, our concrete vinyl rolls are installed in one large sheet and simply laid out; this makes an already uncomplicated installation process even easier, and also means that there are no visible seams within the flooring so you achieve a completely clean aesthetic when it’s installed. As well as that, vinyl rolls are often cheaper than tiles meaning you create an inviting atmosphere at even lower rates!

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