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    Orange Carpet Tiles

    Orange is worth considering for any room’s decoration. Yes this is a bold colour but you’ll love the effects it can have when you take a look at our orange carpet tiles.
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    Why choose carpet tiles?

    One of these orange carpet tiles can be the perfect solution for your rooms.
    The Benefits of Carpet Tiles
    Consider carpet tiles for any type of room. We promise you you’ll love the benefits:

    • Carpet tiles are easy to clean since it only requires vacuum cleaning them with occasional deep cleaning.
    • Carpet tiles add warmth to a room thanks to their insulating effects. This makes rooms seem more inviting.
    • Carpets can absorb sounds making it practical for office areas.
    • Many carpet tiles are designed for heavy traffic areas. They won’t show wear and tear fast.
    • Some carpet tiles don’t have any adverse effects on people with allergies.
    • Carpet tiles are easy to install making them perfect for DIY products. Cutting them down to size according to uniquely shaped rooms is easy!
    • They come in a range of designs so you can find the exact style to match the rest of your furniture and décor.

    And at Remland you can get all of these benefits at exceptional prices. We even offer you accessories for maintenance and installation.
    Order it online and we’ll deliver it to your door!
    Are you ready to pick the ideal orange carpet tiles for your spaces?

    Why Choose Orange?

    What Orange Brings to Your Rooms
    You know each colour has unique effects on people. Here’s what orange carpet tiles can do for your spaces.
    Orange has a way of inspiring people and making them feel more positive. If you want your room to instil this in colleagues or your family orange carpet tiles may be your solution.
    If you want a room to impact all who enter orange is a wise option. This is one reason to use it in corporate environments.
    Child Friendly
    Children need stimulation and colour is one way of doing this. Adding bright orange carpet tiles to bedrooms or children’s play areas will turn the space into an inviting area kids will love being in.
    Orange is an excellent colour to use in business especially for security companies or in the food industry. Make sure your office space boosts your branding by matching your flooring to your orange logo.
    Remland’s Quality Products and Services Make it Easy to Find the Perfect Floor at the Right Price
    Are you ready to get your orange carpet tiles?
    At Remland you can pick from the best brands in the carpeting industry:

    • Burmatex
    • Tessera (Forbo)
    • JHS
    • Interface
    • CFS
    • Heuga

    And all carpet tiles are available at exceptional prices. Visit our showroom if you want to view them in person. We’ll deliver for free* if your order exceeds our spening level qualifier to most parts of the UK. And don’t forget to take a look at the Clearance options for even better prices if you order online. Place your order today!

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