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    Lifestyle Floors Vinyl

    Now here’s flooring to suit any lifestyle! And that makes the name very accurate. Lifestyle Floors is the answer to your flooring needs.
    Start browsing through Remland Carpets Lifestyle vinyl flooring options now and we will not only transform your home, but save you money whilst doing so. 

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    Why choose Lifestyle Floors?

    Change Your Life with Lifestyle Floors
    Yes the correct flooring can transform your life.
    With the Lifestyle range available at Remland Carpets you’re given:

    • A wide selection of flooring
    • Products of exceptional quality with long warrantees
    • Unique designs you’ll love
    • Safety features

    You can change your rooms into stylish AND practical spaces!
    Why we Know You’ll Love Lifestyle Designer Floors
    Remland Carpets wants to help you find flooring you’ll fall in love with. With vinyl you’ll be using it for the next decade or longer. Pick the right design and it will complement your interiors for the length of that time.
    Is that even possible?
    With vinyl it is! Here’s why.
    The Lifestyle vinyl range includes many different designs and style. You’re spoiled for choice!
    What are your favourite décor styles? There are no limits to what you can create when picking form the Lifestyle range.
    Remland knows each renovation project is unique. What width vinyl will be most beneficial for you?

    • 2m
    • 3m
    • 4m

    At Remland you get it all!
    Why does Remland put effort into offering you many different ranges? Because we know each person is different. You need flooring that represents your preferences and personality.
    In the Lifestyle range you’ll find classic designs but also original ones you won’t get anywhere else. Use them to get creative and decorate your spaces on a unique way.

    Lifestyle designer floors have all the features you expect from quality flooring:

    • You’ll get extensive manufacturers’ guarantees that prove the high quality of the products. This is thanks to:
      • Hard wearing top layers
      • Quality products used during manufacturing
    • These floors look stunning but they’re matched with practical features too:
      • They have non slip features to turn home and office spaces into safe areas. Unnecessary accidents are prevented.
      • Thanks to insulation features the floors will feel warm underfoot. This means your rooms will feel inviting and you’ll save energy.
      • Most products will absorb sounds. This turns offices into more practical areas to keep focus and have meetings.

    Can you see these products provide you with everything you need from flooring?

    Types of Lifestyle Vinyl

    You can see this is a smart option for any home or office. Which one of these fits most with your style?
    Pick an item from this range if you love natural designs. You can have an authentic looking wood or stone floor without the hefty price tag. The designs look exceptional and there are many to pick from. The slip resistance and cushion floor feature with it's felt backing make it comfortable & safe to walk on.
    Do you want to be different than everybody else? Then you need Baroque Lifestyle vinyl floor. Original designs in a variety of colours help you create spaces that represent your personality. The 0.20mm hard wear top layer will keep your floor in top condition for seven years or more.
    All natural designs from stone to wood are represented in this grouping. Your floors can resemble oak or tile. Which do you fancy most? With a 10 year guarantee you’re getting exceptional quality that benefits your budget.
    Vinyl is Flooring Worthy of Your Trust
    Vinyl has been around for decades. But do you know how it has evolved?
    Today products such as Lifestyle designer floors offer you many benefits. You’ll see why this is still one of the most popular flooring types around:

    • Vinyl is waterproof making it a practical option for any room—including bathrooms and kitchens.
    • Vinyl requires minimal maintenance so it saves you time and money.
    • Cleaning vinyl is easy making it any home’s practical first choice. Because it doesn’t retain dirt and grime you can use it in entrance halls & for children’s play areas.
    • Vinyl creates warm, comfortable spaces making it perfect for your family’s lifestyle.
    • Vinyl doesn’t show wear easily. This means your high traffic office spaces can look exceptional for years to come.

    With the many stunning designs available in today’s market all your rooms can be transformed with vinyl.
    Have you decided which product is your favourite yet?

    Ordering with Remland

    Remland has it all – We’ll Help You Find and Install the Perfect Floors

    The Lifestyle range is not the only part of Remland Carpets’ service you’ll love. Make use of our expert services so all your flooring needs are met:

    • We want to help you find the perfect solution:
      • We put effort into offering exceptional flooring at acceptable prices. No matter what your budget is you’ll find flooring at Remland.
      • Visit our store and showroom in Kent to view products up close.
      • Order samples of Lifestyle vinyl flooring or any other products you love. Match them to your décor before you make your final decision.
    • When you know what you want we give you an effortless flooring process:
      • We’ll help you get all accessories you need for DIY projects or maintenance.
      • Free delivery is available on qualifying orders*

    Can it be any easier? Are you ready for an exciting transformation of your home or office space? The Remland team is ready to help you from start to finish. Have flooring and accessories delivered so you benefit from our effortless flooring solutions. Place your order today.

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