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Altro Flooring

What Makes Altro Flooring Unique?

How many times have you—or someone you know—accidently slipped on floors? It’s a common situation, but not necessary to tolerate any longer.

All your commercial space needs is Altro flooring. All of the products have an R10 slip resistant certification. Even when the floors are wet you won’t slip.

Why Are Non Slip Features Important?

There are certain commercial areas where safety is key. This includes:
  • Where the elderly live
  • Where patients walk
  • Educational facilities with children

You can minimise accidents simply by replacing your flooring with Altro. 

The Benefits


There are More Benefits to Installing Altro Vinyl Flooring 

The non-slip surface is of course the number one advantage of Altro vinyl. But you’ll love these advantages too:
  • The surface is waterproof which reduces any chances of grout formation
  • The flooring covers to the wall which prevents any dirt build up
  • It's easy to clean and maintain
  • Very quiet to walk on
  • It's designed to last at least 10 years

Altro Safety Flooring Can Work In All Rooms

Don’t think Altro flooring is only useful in certain areas. You’ll love the many applications they have.

You can see why Altro is one of the best brands of vinyl flooring. The company cares deeply about the safety of others which leads them to make vinyl floors with the best slip resistant grade.

And now you can enjoy all these benefits in your commercial spaces too. Have you placed your order yet?