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    Striped Carpet Tiles

    Stripes are in and plain is out. If you want to add the latest styles to your home or office spaces Remland Carpets has an easy answer for you! Why not replace your flooring with striped carpet tiles?
    Here we show you all the different striped carpet tiles available. We make sure we offer them at the best prices on the market.
    These eye-catching designs are sure to inspire your next renovation project.

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    Why Choose Striped Carpet Tiles?

    Why Carpet Tiles?
    Don’t think you have to make any compromises by picking carpet tiles. They offer you everything you want in flooring. That’s why they’re some of the most popular items on Remland’s product list.
    Here’s how they can benefit you.
    Carpet Tiles are Simple to Install
    You can install this type of flooring no matter your skills. DIY kits make it easy and all the accessories you need can be found at Remland too. Order them so we can deliver them and get your project started!
    Install Carpet Tiles Over Other Flooring
    Some flooring products need a special under layer and lots of preparation. But you’ll love how easy carpet tiles are to install.
    You can install them directly over concrete, wood, tiles and laminate flooring. This saves you time and money during remodelling.
    You can Easily Maintain the Floors
    Carpet tiles are simple to clean and maintain. Most of the time you only have to vacuum the area. When necessary you can wash the carpet tiles with water and a mild soap solution.
    You can also wash the individual tile carpets by removing them from the floor. Use a less strong adhesive if you expect to clean them a lot in future. This is ideal for kids’ play areas or where you expect heavy traffic.
    Alternatively you can simply replace individual carpet tiles. Since you don’t have to replace the entire floor it always stays cost effective.
    You can Get Creative
    You create this flooring with individual carpet tiles. You have the option to arrange different designs to form original patterns. Create your own pattern or simply use different shades to add more depth to the room.
    They’re Durable
    Carpet tiles are made with durable and stain resistant materials. This makes them perfect for high traffic zones.

    Striped Carpet Tiles Styles

    The Styles
    Head over to Remland and see for yourself how stylish striped carpets can be. The range of colours and textures ensures your chance of finding a style perfect for any room.
    Yes, these carpet tiles are suitable for any space:

    • The home because they add warmth to your house
    • Offices because they stay in excellent condition
    • Lobbies because they exude style
    • Waiting areas because you can create inviting spaces by combining the right colours
    • Retail stores because they won’t wear easily even with a lot of traffic
    • Classrooms because bright colours can serve as stimulation for students

    The range of colours along with the striped designs turn ordinary rooms into ones meant for a catalogue.
    If you want an affordable solution to your flooring needs pick from our striped carpet tiles. With these products you can afford the style you want.
    This is how Remland makes flooring solutions easy: affordable prices, wide ranges and all the accessories you need. Start your project today by placing your online order!

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