Striped Vinyl Flooring

Are the rooms in your home small? What can you do to make these spaces appear bigger without performing any renovations?
Install striped vinyl floors for a quick fix solution.
Remland Carpets offers you many beautiful designs. This variety makes it easier for you to find vinyl floors that suit your existing décor.

Why Choose Stripes?

These flooring products are investments, not simply decorations. Here’s why.
Striped Vinyl Illusions
Striped vinyl flooring gives off two illusions that are underlying benefits.
Add Space and Dimension
Long strokes or stripes give the illusion that something is longer than it actually is. How is this done? It tricks your mind by increasing the perceived width or length. The stripe almost leads your eyes to nothingness at the end.
The opposite is also true.
If the stripes are shorter and placed in different directions it can make the room seem smaller. This style is ideal for very large spaces that you want to add some intimacy to.
This is how a simple product such as striped vinyl flooring can add dimension and even create a textured appearance.
Clean Appearance
You won't see much dirt on striped floors compared to plainer styles. The striped vinyl floors at Remland are two or three toned and these patterns hide grime and even spills won’t be seen easily.
This illusion is handy when you have unexpected guests and you don’t have a chance to clean the floors.
But don’t think our designs are too peculiar for your tastes.
Class and Style
You’ll love the colour schemes represented in our striped vinyl flooring. What about?
  • Light, medium and dark grey
  • Light and dark brown
  • Tan

You know these will work in any room in your home.
But is this the flooring type for you?

Why Choose Vinyl?

Why Vinyl?
Stripes are not the only design feature that offers benefits. Vinyl floors have their own advantages that make them popular for homes, offices and industrial spaces.
Pick vinyl floors if you need these characteristics.
Easy Maintenance
Vinyl floors are easy to clean. You only need a broom or a damp mop. The floors have clear top layers that prevent spills from turning into stains.
Long Lasting Floors
The floors won’t need to be replaced quickly. You can enjoy them for up to 10 years thanks to their durability and high wear & tear ratings. These are perfect for high traffic areas.
The floors are also waterproof. Where do you expect liquid spills in future? Simply install vinyl and you’ll be prepared.
Warm and Comfortable Floors
The padded layers make vinyl floors soft to walk on and warm during winter.
And at Remland Carpets you’ll only find the best products on the market. These quality items are sold at affordable prices so anyone can install durable flooring.
Shop online and explore the striped vinyl flooring range at Remland. These mixes of colour may be just what your home or office needs. And Remland makes the process easy. Place your order online today and have it delivered to your door!