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    Grey Vinyl Flooring

    Grey vinyl flooring is an often overlooked but easy way to add a level of sophistication to your home. Grey is very versatile, a good neutral colour if you already have bold colours in your home, or able to give a sleek finish to complement any modern room. 

    Grey lino flooring is considered boring by some homeowners, but it's a simple, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing way to give your home a completely different feel, without being too eccentric in the process! We handpick all of the grey vinyl and grey LVT flooring products we stock, ensuring we only use trusted manufacturers to provide you with only the highest quality vinyl flooring on the market.

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    Why Choose Grey Vinyl?

    Why Install Grey Vinyl Flooring?

    If you're not exactly sure what you're looking for, get in touch with our friendly team who'll be happy to advise the best choices for you based on your preferences. We can help you to match stylistic choices with functional requirements to pick the perfect grey lino for your home. Aside from the obvious, there are several benefits of grey vinyl that are worth considering before you take the leap.

    Grey Vinyl is Affordable
    Grey Vinyl flooring is one of the most cost effective flooring options you’ll find, both with low initial purchase prices, and helping you to save money in the long term. The quality of our grey lino isn’t easily compromised as it’s scratch and stain resistant, helping it to retain its high quality finish. More often than not, manufacturers offer long warranty periods of several years, confirming their belief in the quality of their products.
    Vinyl Requires Low Maintenance
    Grey vinyl flooring doesn’t require an expensive cleaning solution or labour intensive methods. You only need to sweep the floors every few days. To prevent stains mop floors once a week and directly after liquid spills.
    Stain Resistant
    Most vinyl flooring has a clear top layer that prevents stains. Parents of babies or toddlers will love this because all spills can be wiped away easily with no damage caused to the floors.
    Water resistant
    Most floors may warp or disfigure from water. Vinyl flooring won't give you this issue as long as you clean up liquids fast.
    If installed properly, vinyl is almost waterproof so the liquid won’t easily penetrate to the foundation or affect the glue underneath. This makes it practical as kitchen vinyl flooring, bathroom vinyl flooring, sculleries and laundry rooms.
    Vinyl flooring is laid with a foam or padded layer underneath. It’s soft to walk on and, best of all, it’s warm, making it perfect for winter. The padded layer also makes grey lino quiet to walk on.

    Grey Vinyl Styles

    Matching Grey Vinyl Flooring to Your Style
    We stock lots of different styles of grey lino to make sure there's something for everyone. A few of the styles we stock include:

    • Contemporary patterns
    • Grey wood tiles replicating the grain of timber
    • Vinyl resembling stone

    Some collections incorporate other neutral colours such as black, white and lighter greys to create a distinct & unique floor design:

    • Mosaic tiles
    • 3D-like cubes
    • Diamond shaped tiles
    • Zigzags

    These colours never go out of fashion so you’ll love your floors for years to come, meaning you don't have to worry about replacement costs and other renovation expenses.
    How Can We Help You?
    When you buy your grey vinyl flooring from our online store, you have the benefit of our advice as well as:

    • Free* Fast delivery on qualifying UK orders
    • Accessories you can easily add to your order for DIY projects
    • We sell other types of flooring you need to decorate your entire home

    Let us help you transform your spaces with some of our grey vinyl flooring. Place your order online today and enjoy your high quality flooring, at competitive prices.

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