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    Deep Pile Saxony Carpets

    Deep pile carpets embody the ultimate in luxury flooring. They grace homes across the nation, with saxony carpets standing out as the ideal selection for anyone craving a sumptuous, soft sensation underfoot while traversing their home. Luxury saxony carpets are meticulously crafted to present a rich, plush appearance, thanks to their long pile carpet fibres that mimic the feel of an exceptionally thick carpet. Recognised as one of the most popular varieties of cut pile carpets, deep pile saxony carpets feature fibres that, unlike those of berber loop carpets or any looped style, are cut to stand straight and separate, engendering a distinctive softness reminiscent of a shag pile carpet. There's a common belief that due to this construction method, high pile carpets may not be as durable as twist pile carpets and other types. While it's accurate to say their resilience might not be on par, they remain an excellent choice for various areas within the home, particularly those with less foot traffic.

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    Discover our lavish collection of more than 200 deep pile carpets, meticulously selected to offer you the ideal saxony carpet for your abode. Our high pile carpet assortment has evolved through years of discerning selection, ensuring we provide only top-tier thick pile carpets, crafted by premier manufacturers in the UK and globally. With complimentary UK delivery on eligible long pile carpet orders, seizing the opportunity to own one of our exquisitely detailed and crafted carpets has never been more enticing.

    Benefits (and a Drawback) of Deep Pile Carpets

    Known for their practical and aesthetic advantages, deep pile carpets stand out as the pinnacle of luxury for your home. With an extensive array of styles and designs in our thick carpet collection, we are certain you'll discover the perfect match for your living space.

    Experience Unparalleled Luxurious Comfort Underfoot with Thick Pile Carpets

    One of the primary reasons people are drawn to saxony carpets is their dense, soft, and opulent texture, which surpasses many alternatives available today. Rather than merely transiting from one room to another, a long pile carpet transforms each step into a plush journey. The comfort provided by our high pile carpets is unmatched by vinyl flooring or other carpet types, making them an ideal choice for those cherished moments when you first step out of bed.

    Explore a Diverse Selection of Saxony Carpet Colours & Designs

    Our deep pile saxony carpets come in a vast array of colours and designs, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for any home, whether you lean towards a traditional or a contemporary décor. The nightmare of a stunning carpet that clashes with your existing décor is a thing of the past, thanks to our extensive selection. With so many options, finding a thick pile carpet that complements your space is easier than ever.

    Be Careful Cleaning Your High Pile Carpets!

    While the plush and soft qualities of deep pile carpets add a touch of elegance, they do require careful maintenance. Each saxony carpet comes with its unique cleaning instructions, which you should read thoroughly before undertaking this task. Generally, regular vacuuming, steaming, and preemptive measures against spills and mishaps are the most effective strategies to maintain the pristine condition of your long pile carpets. Remember, when it comes to luxurious saxony carpets, prevention is indeed the best form of care!

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