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    Deep Pile Saxony Carpets

    Deep pile carpets are the epitome of luxury flooring. Used in all types of homes up and down the country, saxony carpets are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a decadent, soft underfoot feel when you’re walking through your house. Luxury saxony carpets are constructed to give a plush look and feel, featuring long pile carpet fibres to give the texture of a very thick carpet. Deep pile saxony carpets are one of the most widely known styles of cut pile carpets, where the fibres of berber loop carpets or any looped style are cut, leaving straight standing and individually distinct fibres - this creates the unique softer feel, similar to that of a shag pile carpet. People think that due to this style of construction, high pile carpets don’t have such good durability as twist pile carpets or other styles. Although it’s true that its hard-wearing properties aren’t quite as good, they still work perfectly in various areas throughout the house, especially in lower traffic areas. 

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    Our extensive selection of over 200 deep pile carpets gives you everything you need to find the perfect saxony carpet for your home. Our high pile carpet range has been carefully curated over a number of years to ensure we only provide the highest quality thick pile carpets, produced by the best manufacturers in the UK and worldwide. With free UK delivery on all qualifying orders of long pile carpets, there’s never been a better time to get your hands on one of our beautifully detailed and manufactured carpets

    Benefits (and a drawback!) of Deep Pile Carpets

    Deep pile carpets are renowned for their benefits, both practically and aesthetically. The best type of carpet works perfectly for your home, and for you, and it’s impossible to argue against the luxury a thick pile carpet will bring to your home. With hundreds of different styles and designs in our collection of thick carpets, we’re confident you’ll find something for your home.

    Thick Pile Carpets Provide A Luxurious Underfoot Feel

    The obvious reason why many people opt for a saxony carpet is their thick, soft and luxurious qualities, far superior to many other styles on the market. Many people walk around their house as a means to get from A to B, but with a long pile carpet, you can actually enjoy the journey. The underfoot comfort of high pile carpets are unrivalled by vinyl flooring and other styles of carpets, so if you want to feel great when you get out of bed in the morning, it’s worth considering a deep pile carpet.

    Variety of Saxony Carpet Colours & Designs On Offer

    The wide variety of colours and designs available make deep pile saxony carpets perfect for any home. Whether you currently have a traditional or more contemporary aesthetic in your home, one of our thick pile carpets will be able to complement your already existing decor - there’s nothing worse than finding a carpet you like, only for it to clash with the wallpaper or furniture! With hundreds of designs and colours, not being able to find a complementing thick carpet is a problem of the past.

    Be Careful Cleaning Your High Pile Carpets!

    It’s important not to fall foul of cleaning your deep pile carpets - their beautifully soft and plush exteriors can make them a pain to clean! Every saxony carpet is different, so make sure you read about how to clean deep pile carpets for your specific type before embarking on the fraught road ahead. As a general rule, regular vacuuming, steaming and taking precautionary measures against spills, pets and other potential accidents are the best way to preserve your long pile carpets. Prevention is the best form of protection when it comes to your luxury saxony carpet!

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