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    Glitter carpets are a great way to add some sparkle and overall unique aesthetic to your home. Whether you’re looking for a brand new kids carpet, bedroom carpet or new flooring for anywhere else in the house, one of our sparkle carpets could be the perfect addition to brighten up your space. We stock a wide range of different designs and colours of cheap carpets to make sure there’s something for everyone, with our pink glitter carpet and grey glitter carpet styles being some of our most popular! Sparkly carpets are booming in popularity all around the UK, featuring aesthetic qualities you won’t find with vinyl flooring or any other of the most popular types of floor coverings.

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    All of our carpets with glitter find the perfect balance between understated elegance and quirkiness. Unlike our range of patterned carpets, all of our glitter carpets are made with only a single colour per design - although multicoloured carpets are a great option for a lot of homes, these more simple single-colour designs really allow the glitter to shine through your carpet. Eye catching designs are only half of the picture when it comes to our range of sparkle carpets. The practicality of our selection is unparalleled, with all of our carpets sourced from the highest quality manufacturers in the UK - often with long guarantees to give you that extra little peace of mind that your sparkly glitter carpet will last a lifetime!


    Benefits of Glitter Carpets


    If you’re looking for something a little bit different that doesn’t compromise on quality, one of our sparkle carpets could be the perfect solution. Our entire range of glittery carpets can be their own feature when used in a widely trafficked area of your home such as a hallway carpet, and can have a big impact on friends and family alike. With a whole host of both aesthetic and functional benefits, you should consider a new glitter carpet if you’re renovating your home.



    Underfoot Comfort


    One of the main benefits of carpets in general is their underfoot warmth and comfort. With some other types of flooring, having cold feet is an unfortunate drawback - something you don’t have to worry about when you buy a new carpet. Our range of sparkle carpets couple fun loving designs with a beautifully soft deep pile carpet, giving you an amazing underfoot experience as well as a generally much warmer interior! 



    Sparkle Carpets To Suit Any Environment


    The versatility of carpets is a clear benefit over different types of flooring - manufacturers have focused on improving the properties of their products over the years to make them suitable for most rooms in the house. Water resistant and stain resistant carpets mean that whether you’re buying for the living room, looking for a new dining room carpet or even considering a bathroom carpet, one of our glittering carpets could do the trick. Before you buy, it’s important to read about each product to see where it’s best used, as some are better suited than others to different environments.



    Easy To Maintain


    Many people think maintaining and cleaning sparkly carpets is a daunting task, but fear not! A combination of hoovering, carpet cleaning products and stain prevention makes maintenance of your flooring easier than ever. We always advise checking what cleaners and procedures should be used with the particular carpet you opt for, (they’re all a little different,) so never use chemicals or substances before you know the best way to deal with your glitter carpet!

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