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    When you’re looking for a new floor for your bathroom, it’s usually assumed that bathroom carpets are completely unsuitable for the wet environment. Homeowners tend to opt for a hard floor solution including tiles or vinyl flooring, but the benefits of bathroom carpets and bathroom carpet tiles are often overlooked. The reality is that there are actually a number of benefits to laying down a new cheap carpet in your bathroom, with some manufacturers creating carpets specifically for use in bathrooms across the UK. These waterproof bathroom carpets feature far improved slip resistance, better waterproofing, and even specially designed backings to ensure your carpets don’t rot and wear down in regular contact with water. Despite this, if you do decide to buy a bathroom carpet, it’s important to ensure you read up on how to maintain your bathroom carpets properly to ensure their long lasting durability.

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    What are the Benefits Of Bathroom Carpets?

    Provides a Quality Feel Underfoot

    One of the hardest things to get right when you’re choosing your bathroom carpet is to make sure it feels comfortable. You want to make sure that your bathroom carpet feels as great as it is practical - there’s nothing quite like placing your feet down onto a warm, waterproof bathroom carpet after a soak in the bath or a long shower. Stepping onto a cold, hard bathroom floor in bare feet can be a pretty unpleasant experience, especially in the middle of winter. Comfort is an incredibly important factor to consider when buying new flooring in your home and there’s no reason that the bathroom should be left out due to its tendency for splashing!

    Slip Resistant Bathroom Carpets

    Most accidents, including slips and falls, occur in the bathroom. This is especially true if you have hard floors due to their smooth surfaces and non-absorption of water; tiled floors combined with water from the bath or shower means that your bathroom can become an incredibly hazardous space. This is especially true if you have small children, as kids are a lot more likely to slip and fall when not being careful or entering and exiting the bath or shower. The benefits of a slip resistant bathroom carpet can be felt by anyone in the home, whether they’re at a higher risk of falling or not. With a bathroom floor carpet in place, you can avoid this concern entirely. You can be sure that there’s no chance of anyone slipping on the carpet, and with this peace of mind you can know that your bathroom is a much safer environment for you and your entire family.

    Bathroom Carpets Provide Warmth

    There are few things worse than a freezing cold bathroom, especially when you’re up early in the morning to take a quick shower before you dash to work. With a bathroom floor carpet laid down, your bathroom will retain a lot more warmth, making it a much more appealing and comfortable space even when the temperature is low. The benefits of a bathroom carpet make a massive difference in both warmth underfoot and room temperature in general, something lots of people don’t realise until they buy bathroom carpet themselves.

    Popular Bathroom Carpet Styles Across The UK

    We offer carpets in a whole range of styles and colours to suit the style of your bathroom. Most styles of carpet are technically suitable to be laid in a bathroom, dependent on proper maintenance and cleaning on a regular basis, though low pile carpets are generally considered better due to their ability to dry faster and can be easier to clean. This means you can browse a wide range of our carpets, from our great selection of berber loop carpets or cut pile carpets, both great options for your bathroom. Whether you’re looking for added comfort or a higher degree of water resistance, you can be sure that you’ll always find exactly what you need.

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