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    Flotex Tiles

    The latest contemporary designs make Flotex tiles an easy choice for your flooring needs. 

    Ranges vary from vibrant colours to subtle stylish designs, giving you a wide selection to help you choose the perfect option for your home.

    We're proud to offer the largest online selection of Flotex tiles in the United Kingdom, and even though the brand has been a mainstay in the industry for quite some time, Forbo’s Flotex flooring isn’t just suited for commercial projects anymore. Its easy maintenance and extreme durability have made the brand increasingly popular in the home as well.

    Flotex Tile Ranges

    Flotex Ranges

    We carry several different ranges of Flotex tiles, with each containing a varied selection of colours and styles. Flotex carpet tiles can be laid in different ways, from linear to chequerboard, depending on the intended effect.  

    Have a look at our ranges below and find out more detailed information about the product, technical specifications, sample ordering instructions, and maintenance information. Here is a list of our ranges:

    • Calgary Tiles come in a robust selection of thirty different colours, making it one of the most versatile selections available.  Colours aren’t just variations of the same shade, either; they range from the eye-popping hues of the Cherry, Azure, and Lime styles to the laid-back appeal of the Caramel, Ginger and Saffron.  Each colour provides the same quality expected from Flotex, backed by its twenty-year warrantee and super stain resistance.
    • The Cirrus style is a pattern with geometric shapes that make ideal for large scale installations where buyers may want to break up the monotony of simple colours.  Each of these styles have a dominant colour that is complemented by a darker variant of this colour and offset by an earth tone. This mixture creates a perfect visual balances that adds both flair and consistency to any setting.
    • Metro tiles are a savvy background set that creates a distinct lush appeal similar to a shag carpet, but without the cost or upkeep. This single-colour style comes in thirty-six variation, which range from Pink to Indigo to Evergreen.
    • Penang tiles are another versatile set like the Calgary tiles, which come in thirty-two different colors. Subtle variations in the darkness of the colours give a warm aesthetic is pleasing to the eye. Like all Flotex tiles, they are stain resistant, hard-wearing, and backed by a twenty-year guarantee.
    • The elegant Stratus tiles are a mainstay of high-end office buildings and chic restaurants, without the high-end prices. They can be described as a combination between the geometric shapes of Cirrus tiles and the symmetry of Complexity tiles. Using a perpendicular weave pattern Stratus tiles can make any space feel more refined.


    Cleaning Your Flotex Tiles

    The manufacturers of Flotex tiles recommend that vacuums should be placed on the lowest setting, and that the forward push at normal speed before pulling it back at a slower speed to pick up all particulates. They also recommend periodic steam cleaning with very light solutions that won’t degrade the surface of the carpet.

    More Info

    Need a little more convincing?
    Flotex tiles are a great choice of flooring throughout your home, office, or store, especially in areas that might experience heavy traffic. The tiles carry the exceptional stain resistance and extreme hard-wearing surfaces found on all Forbo’s tiles. For those concerned with asthma or allergies, Flotex has also been approved by the British Allergy Foundation. All of our Flotex carpet tiles come with an impressive 20 year guarantee, meaning you can rest assured they will last as long as the more expensive brands. 

    A Recycled Product
    The backing of Flotex tiles is made from completely recycled material.  As part of continued environmental initiatives, Flotex manufacturers utilise both production waste and post-consumer waste to create their product, ensuring a resource-efficient manufacturing process from start to finish. 

    According to their official site, Forbo—the company that makes Flotex—has recycled over 200,000 tonnes of post-processed waste to form the backing of Flotex carpet tiles.  This keeps a lot of the harmful materials found in polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, out of landfills and out of the environment.  The company pairs these eco-friendly practices with initiatives that encourage consumers to return uplifted tiles to recyclers at the end of its life cycle.  They take this even further with their “Back to the Floor” programme, wherein off-cuts (leftovers) from installations are brought back and reused to make new tiles. This is not only good for environment, but it’s free, saving consumers any costs associated with collection and landfilling.


    With the most extensive range, the best online prices, and fast, free delivery, you can save money with our range!

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    Apart from flooring you’ll find accessories in our store. These will help you install and care for your Flotex carpet tiles or other Remland flooring options:
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