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    Flooring for Shops

    We understand just how important promoting a strong brand image is for your business, and there’s no better way to create this than choosing the right flooring for shops. It plays a key role in making your shops look more appealing to customers, grabbing their attention as they walk through the door and enhancing their shopping experience. No matter the type of store, retail flooring gives an opportunity to showcase your business’ personality; whether you’re looking for striking vinyl flooring or inviting carpets of all varieties, we’re sure to have the perfect commercial flooring for you.

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    Styles of Flooring for Shops

    The wide range of retail flooring available means that there are plenty of opportunities to find something to suit your needs, with options for businesses who want to make a great impression as well as styles that focus on functionality. Here’s some different options to help you make the best choice for your business:


    Carpets & Carpet Tiles for Shops

    If you’re looking to transform your store into a place that radiates luxury and comfort, then carpets for shops or retail carpet tiles are the way to go. Higher end business owners often use these retail flooring types to take advantage of the huge range of designs and colours available, as it gives them plenty of creative freedom to play with; however, there are many benefits for customers too. Not only do carpets for shops offer comfort whilst walking, but also greatly reduce noise levels within your shop, creating a more intimate atmosphere for shoppers. We have a diverse range of both commercial carpets and carpet tiles for your shop at very affordable prices, stocking top-end brands to help you establish your own luxurious atmosphere!


    Vinyl Flooring for Shops

    Retail vinyl flooring is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something that provides a bit more practicality. One of the best aspects of this type of flooring is that it is extremely durable and easy to maintain; this makes it perfect for a larger shop with heavy foot traffic, as it’ll be much easier to keep your store floor in fantastic shape. Despite this, it doesn’t fall short aesthetically as there is an abundance of design choices available in our range to let you prioritise practicality but still showcase vibrant colours and unique designs. To top it all, commercial vinyl flooring is very easily installed, meaning you can achieve the look and feel you’re after as quickly as possible - never something to complain about!


    Laminate Flooring for Shops

    A great choice for both practicality and style is laminate flooring for shops. It offers the high durability, low maintenance and quick installation of vinyl flooring, but provides a far more natural aesthetic of authentic-looking wood flooring. If you’re after that all-important charisma whilst avoiding any hassle, then laminate flooring is the choice for you!

    What Flooring for Shops is Right for you?

    Depending on your type of store, you may find different flooring types better suit your individual needs. A higher-end retailer who wants to focus on aesthetics could find more success in carpets for shops, with the luxurious look and underfoot comfort that they provide; on the other hand, larger supermarkets or storerooms can benefit from the functionality of vinyl or laminate retail flooring. Regardless of your type of store, we’re confident our range of retail flooring has plenty of options for you to find that perfect mix of attributes to show off your business’ personality without having to spare much stress over upkeep.

    Why Remland?

    We’ll help you every step of the way when choosing to buy flooring for shops with us. We offer competitive trade pricing on our products, as well as support with the installation process - we offer business consultations and our live chat means we can answer any queries you may have, making the task of buying shop flooring as painless as possible.

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