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    Commercial Carpets

    Remland Carpets offer a wide range of commercial grade carpets and carpet tiles that are suitable for even the most heavy wear applications. Our commercial ranges are supplied by some of the leading UK manufacturers including Burmatex, JHS, Heckmondwike & Rawson's. All of our commercial carpet brands are super hardwearing and highly durable, available here at affordable prices with Fast Free* delivery. 

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    Commercial Carpets

    So which carpet will you pick?

    What do You Need?

    We have many collections to pick from, because we know all our clients have unique requirements. In this wide range you’ll find something that suits your décor needs. 

    What is your most important carpet requirement? For commercial spaces, it’s usually style. And that’s what our collections portray.

    And it will look great for years to come thanks to their quality & timeless looks.

    And of course you need practical options too. View our online catalogue. You can see how the carpets at Remland can open up and suit any space. 

    Need something refined and sophisticated? What about a pattern that adds more dimension to a room? We have that too.

    Our commercial carpets fulfill all your design needs. 

    Best In The Business

    Trust the Best in the Business

    We offer the best products because we partner with the best flooring specialists in the business. 

    We are proud to partner with these different brands. Many of them have been in the flooring industry close to 100 years. We trust their knowledge to design and develop the best carpets for you. 

    Now, because we partner with many brands, you can browse through many options. Find the “It” factor and uniqueness your commercial space deserves.

    No matter what you pick, you’ll enjoy these characteristics. 


    Carpets in commercial spaces must be durable. You don’t want the carpets to deteriorate quickly because of high traffic. 

    This won’t be an issue with our products, because these carpets are made from the strongest fibres. The weaving techniques contribute to the carpets’ ability to withstand wear and tear. 

    And of course they’re thick. Yes, this adds a luxurious feel to your rooms. But it also pays a huge role in their durability, because they won't wear thin too quickly.

    You want your rooms to look striking for years to come, right?

    Easy Maintenance 

    A big bonus is these carpets are easy to maintain. In most cases you don’t need special cleaning products or equipment. Some are even stain resistant. 

    Why is this a smart approach to commercial flooring?

    • It saves you time on maintenance
    • It saves you money on cleaning products and replacing carpets

    Remland helps you save money with our excellent prices. Our products help you save money through their quality.

    With our online shopping feature, purchasing commercial flooring from Remland Carpets is quick and efficient. For commercial solutions, this is exactly what you need for a smooth business operation. You’ve found the commercial carpet solution. Which carpet will you order? 

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